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Aliens vs Predator 2

Alien vs Predator Community Gallery


Alien vs Predator Community Gallery - Version 1.1 ------------------------------------------------- The AvP Community Gallery is a Multiplayer only map set in a traditional late 20th Century Art
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Gallery. All of the exhibits in the gallery are depictions and interpretations of characters and situations inspired by Alien and Predator movies created by AvP fans throughout the World. Inside the gallery you will find the work of 161 Artists. No less than 310 images are on display on the walls and on the floor mounted display boards. An additional set of 6 \'sculptures\' also graces the gallery floor. These statue models each display a skin based on characters from either an Alien or Predator movie. No Single Player version is included in this release. If, however, you want to inspect and enjoy the gallery exhibits without interruption from other Players, then load the Multiplayer map and playing it solo is recommended. Please respect the work of our Community Artists and refrain from climbing on or shooting their artwork. You can\'t actually break any of the exhibits if you do choose to shoot at them, but that\'s not the point. Thank you. For more information about the gallery exhibits, see the Featurelist.txt included in the download. AvP Community Gallery Feature List. ----------------------------------- I located close to 2000 examples of Alien and Predator artwork on the internet for possible inclusion in this map. Most of the images appearing in the map were downloaded from the Fan Art section. A small selection of other work comes from a variety of other fan sites. 161 Artists appear in the AvP Community gallery with a total of 316 items on display. Ideally, I would have liked to contact all of these artists individually and request/announce my intention to use their work in this map. As such a notification is prohibitive and would greatly hinder the progress of the creation of this map, it is taken on good faith that their artwork appears in this map as a gesture of respect and appreciation of their creative efforts. While the best efforts were made to maintain correct spelling and identities of all the Artists, no doubt some descrepencies and errors may have occurred. Please report any such errors to help improve any further release of the AvP Community Gallery map. Thank you to all of the Fan Artists whose work appears in this map. It wouldn\'t exist without your efforts. Fan Artists appearing in the AvP Community Gallery: --------------------------------------------------- Ace of Space AJ Farmer Alessandro Briglia Alexander Quick Alien Alien DWA Alien Slof Anastasios Gionis Andrew Andrew Minniear Anna Anna Pennlund Annabelle Ane_Ne-01 Antares Antony Connell Antony Hughes Arctic Fox Arran Lee Smith Arta La Vista - (See footnote 1) Ashley Jordan AvP 220 Rio AvP Fan Bailey Brothaz Batwing Beanspan Beau Obremski Ben Ben Boston Ben Hull Billy D Bod Rusty Nails Brad Brandon Foster Brian Brian Irving Brain J Early Brianna Bringer of Death Brownhurst Call of Spirit Capt Rico Sakura Carl Cosgriff Cesar Camera Martin Chipsy Chris Beaver Clint Wager Cody Zaiser Conny Larson Conqueror Cyclone Jack Czerw Czky Norbert Dallas Staheli Dariom Dark Cloak Dark Nautilus Dark Wulf Dave Larson Deck Officer Diego Berlanga Eddie Faria Elysha Berube Enos Evil Homer Ezequiel Feed Rosie Fera Fire Redhead Flippy War Bear Frank Merante Fuzzy Modem Gasar Kuatto GC Giga Shadow Gorax Mog Guyver 47 Hardwear Hari Hippy Chick Icarion James Taylor Jamison Madson Jean Jedi Nautilus Jesco Jesse Jesse Gilbertson Joel Warren John Milas John Stewart Joshua Forman Julio Estrada Karina Riddle Kaylon Katharina Kathy La Follett Kenny Farmer Kevin Favier King Kenny - (See footnote 2) Kleeng Seirot Klown Tepes - (See footnote 2) Kristo Vaher Kwei Yautja Kyle Chenko Lacuna Leandro Leo Lewd Machiko Maciej Stanasiuk Majin Vegeta Mark Kelly Mark Taylor Marshall Karasz Max Kim Mel Hawey Michael Longlands Micki Mike Curry Mike Majewski Morgan King Nathan Berger Nazal Newbee Ney Jour Nic Brennan Nick Valenza Nicolas Nicolas Linde Thompen Nie Ngo Osias Pablo Andrade Phelim Piti Psionic Ragnarok Raptor Raptor Red - (See footnote 2) Roberto Huerto Rogue Roy Emmen Rusty Nails Sam Wakeman Scythewraith Sketch Turner Steve Goad Steve Mileham Taso - (See footnote 2) The Greatest Shaggy Tobias Tom Kennedy Tony Hollet Victor Murillo Whippy 2000 Windebieste Xeno Fox X-Mike - (See footnote 2) Xenomorph Ryan Yeyinde - (See footnote 2) Zachary Robertson Zippo 31 --- (1) - The only solicited piece of artwork that appears in the map is not an exhibit in the gallery itself. The Skybox textures were generously supplied by Arta La vista. Thanks, Man! These textures look fabulous and help to place the map in an inner urban environment where it belongs. (2) - I have also used some Player Character Models as statues throughout the map. The statues use character skins created by these Artists. . . .

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