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Über NPC Mod Pack


Well this is version two of the Uber NPC mod pack, so the past review still stands, with a few changes. Old review: [quote]Well, this is a little mod that fiddles with npc\'s and a couple of
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textures. That\'s basically it. The changes in this are best described in the readme. (From the readme) [quote]This mod basically changes Kyle to have a medallion type thing, and a couple more belts. It also gives luke bright green hair, just for the heck of it. The JK2 version of Tavion now wields a purple saber, and moves at about two-hundred miles per hour, which believe it or not, looks pretty neat in-game. Luke now uses a green saber-staff instead of his usual saber. Luke, Kyle and Rosh now have force protect / heal turned off so they can\'t just sit there and take all your hits any more. Instead, they now have roughly five times the hit points as before, making for, in my opinion, much better saber duels. Rosh and the basic Reborns now have pure burberry woven into their clothing.All stock npc\'s are now fully chop-to-bits-able, and I\'ve also added some new blood effects for good measure. Lastly, Jawas now wield a red lightsaber each, and instead of being neutral will attack you, and those mean ol\' tusken raiders![/quote] So that\'s about it. There is a blood mod included, but from the looks of the textures it\'s rudimentary, but that doesn\'t matter. This mod was made for personal use, so let\'s just let that be known. If it was me making a mod, I\'d want to make something a bit more....grand...but that doesn\'t matter, since I\'m not making one! stick out tongue But basically all the tweaks are mentioned, so if you like what you see, download this. ~Zach [/quote] Here are the changes (quoted from the readme): [quote]Tuskens now carry iether their stupid staff thing, or a heavy repeator. Just about all of the boss battles in SP have been made a lot more difficult, especially the end game tavion, and Kyle. Alora\'s been upgraded also, to wield a stylish red saber staff in place of her old saber. Desann is now twice his normal hieght, and his saber\'s been enlarged too. [/quote] Looks like a a couple of simple npc tweaks. Simple, but if it floats your boat, then download it. ~Zach

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