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CR Nebula Pack


Here is the second version of the CR Nebula Pack, this version includes improved models, more all new registries and a couple of extra sub variants are also included. In total there are seven
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different Variants of the Nebula class including a total of 40 different Nebula Class starships (including the blank versions). All of these ships are highly detailed and highly recommended. [b]NX Nebula[/b] - This is the prototype version of the Nebula class which is the weakest version of this ship. Most notably this ship doesn\'t have a pod. This ship is armed with numerous phasers as well as two forward photon torpedo tubes (Four Torpedoes at a time). There is only one named ship included in this variant - USS Nebula NX. [b]Nebula Variant 1[/b] - This is the main Nebula Class starship that has been seen in TNG, DS9 and Voyager. This ship is armed with several phasers, four forward and two aft photon torpedo launchers (two torpedoes a time each). There are two sub variants included under this variant. There are several named ships included of this variant, including the USS Bellerophon, USS Bonchune, USS Bristol, USS Endeavour, USS Explorer, USS Farragut, USS Hera, USS Honshu, USS Horizon, USS Indri, USS Khitomer, USS Lexington, USS Merrimack, USS Monitor, USS Proteus, USS Ulysses, USS Vera Cruz [b]Nebula Variant 1 Refit[/b] - This variant is similar to that of the variant above. This variant is similarly armed to the non refit version although can also fire quantum torpedoes, and has stronger shields and phasers. There are at least four included named ships, USS Beregovoy, USS Dionysus, USS New England, USS Stockholm [b]Nebula Variant 1 Refit 2[/b] - This variant is similar to that of the Variant above, although is armed with stronger phasers, six forward and six aft torpedo bays (which can fire photon and quantum torpedoes). This variant is far stronger than that of the first variant as this can fire up to 12 torpedoes forward and twelve torpedoes aft at any one time. There are at least three different named ships including - USS Devastator, USS Minotaur, USS Vulcan [b]Variant 2 - Sensor Array[/b] - Here is another version of the Nebula Class as seen in the TNG Episode: \"The Wounded\". This ship is armed with numerous phasers, and photon torpedo launchers capable of firing twice a time per tube(4 Forward and 2 Aft). The most notable part of this ship is the sensor pod at the top of the ship. There are at least three named vessels included with this pack - USS Berkeley, USS Phoenix, and USS Proxima [b]Variant 3 - Extra Warp Nacelles[/b] - Here is a variant of the Nebula Class starship that has not been seen in full in any Star Trek series, except as debris or a model on a table, so little is known about this ship other than it has two additional warp nacelles. This variant is armed with that of several phasers, as well as two forward and two aft photon torpedo tubes (can fire twice a time each tube) - There are at least two named included - USS Melbourne and USS Shogun [b]Variant 4 - Hospital Ship?[/b] - This variant of the Nebula class is basically a medical or a hospital vessel. This variant is relatively weak compared to all of the other ships as it is only armed with phasers and no torpedo tubes. There is one named ship included with this ship pack the USS Nightingale.

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