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Death Vader v2


CURSES!!! I didn't expect my spell to go this far! Seems I've accidentally raised Vader in my attempts to forge an invulnerable army... For those of you humans who have not seen the first
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version, this skin depicts the answer to "What if Vader returned from the dead?" It's actually really awesome. I absolutely adore the malevolence of his undeathly cape. It's quite fiendish. There are three variants. One of which I will display it's oddness later. The first variant is the most amusing. Basically you have a reskinned vader to look like they either buried him in his armoror the pyre didn't do a good enough job burning. It's not a bad skin. Only flaw I would say is the lack of putting a cap on the toasted hand, but that's only a nitpick so you're in the clear in my book. The second variant is basically Vader without the helmet. The zombie face looked a little grainy, but I didn't see anything too terribly wrong with it. Other than the helmet going away, nothing different. The third is...well..interesting. I will let the screenshot speak on my behalf. I'm pretty certain it was an error. However, I wasn't sure as to what the intended skin was to look like, so I didn't mess with the .skin to fix it. Speaking of which, mr. Razzial Human, I would advise against a .doc readme. Granted, it's not against policy to submit one, I just believe that some people, believe it or not, may not have MS word. However, that was nothing against you. Nobody tends to really read readmes most of the time.. Other than that, a rather appealing undead skin. I myself will most likely keep it within the contents of my base folder, and with that said, I give this the Retruthan Seal of Awesome Evil. *stamp* Offer your bandwidth to your local download temple to receive this gift. Bot Support:Nay NPC Support:Nay New Sounds:Aye Team Support:Nay - Averus Retruthan The idea behind this skin was based on EstrugazĀ“s concept art of a zombie vader that was ported to this skin one year ago. You can view the concept art here:

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