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World of Warcraft

Battleground Tools v2.6


This add-on automates numerous activities in Battle Grounds (BG) as well as provides a tool bar with information regarding each BG. Features: The Information Bar will: When outside BG -
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View Honor from today and this week (integrated with Alkitron Honor Tab) - View what BGs you are in queue for - View how Many Badges you currently have for each BG. - View how much time you have left before the \'drop\' expires - Click on Honor will bring up honor tab - Left clicking on the count down timer for \'drop\' will load BG - Right clicking will bring up configuration options. When inside BG - Count of how many people from both factions are in the battle - How long the current BG has been going - In AV left clicking on ‘AV’ will display a dialog with counts of the various AV specific items - In AB left clicking on \'AB\' area will enter in the battleground channel \'Need help at ???\' where ??? is the zone you are in. - In WSG left click on the \'WSG\' area will target your flag carrier right click will target the enemy flag carrier - Left clicking on the people’s count will recount the totals - Right clicking on the people’s count will “say” the current count - Right clicking on the honor will tell you the amount of honor gain this battle and honor per minute Main UI: - When going into a new battle it will automatically load the Mini Battle Map - Quick Join BG. When talking to a Battlemaster it will auto join you to the selected BG - Will auto \'drop\' into a BG for you after so X seconds - Will not auto \'drop\' if already in a BG - Will auto resurrect if not solestoned to the nearest graveyard - Will auto leave when battle is finished and all honor/badges have been given - When the battle is over it will tell you how much bonus honor you received and calculate bonus honor/per minute - Quick BG Quest. Automatically turn in quest if you have the proper amount of items. (Tested only on horde right now) Quests that are coded are -- Enemy Booty, More Booty!, Armor Scraps and More Armor Scraps -- For Great Honor and Concerted Efforts -- A Gallon of Blood and Crystal Cluster -- Lokholar the Ice Lord and Ivus the Forest Lord -- Ram Hide Harnesses -- Empty Stables (all parts) -- all Wing Commander quests Configuration can also be done via /odbg. You can turn any feature off or on and with the amount of time it waits before auto \'dropping\' you into a battle ground. Changelogs Version: 2.5 - bug fix when auto join is not selected Version: 2.4 -when viewing battle score board it will not change factions on you -Corrected \"You can count on me, Jeztor.\" for \"quick\" quest -Added \"I got your back, Guse.\" to the \"quick\" quest list -if you do not have turn in items quest will will not have the option to click that quest -if you can upgrade troops it will do it \"quick\" now Version: 2.3 -When leaving a finished BG when in QUE for another BG \'que\' got overwrite with badges. fixxed -Alliance icons now aprear on the AV Status Window if you are alliance. -Amount of Storm Crystals you have now shows up on AV status window -The Hides for the quest turn-in only now shows up on the AV Status Window. -Alliance WSG Target Flag Carrier now working

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