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Armageddon - The Final Hour (v0.2)


Armageddon: The Final Hour is a modification for Command and Conquer: Zero Hour. It is NOT compatible with the original version of Generals and has only been tested on v1.02 of ZH. The basic
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concept of this mod is to allow for all technologies, including additions, to be accessible to one faction. A new faction has been set up, namely Armageddon, for which the player can select. At present, it can build the best of what is already available to each faction so far as units and special powers are concerned. The majority of buildings are of the US, but that is likely to change since I will probably be using civilian structures. Every object that the new faction uses will be cloned, it will not build existing faction objects. Also included will be a few additions, some pending permission from their respective authors (BlackHawk and Osprey, for example). I don't plan to include much new art, although certain things will require such. I will also be including additional superweapons, the Baikonur has already been adopted and is currently in working order, whilst the ScudStorm has been upgraded, it is totally devestating. I also have an effective PoW system so that the player can "capture" enemy infantry (actually, it destroys them and spawns a replacement), whilst a PoW can be delivered home to be exchanged for an otherwise non-buildable unit. One might suggest that the faction will be over-powerful, making the game unbalanced. Whilst that is essentially true, for a start, ZH has a much improved AI than Generals and besides, the player can oppose several AI factions so as to balance the game. As for unique maps, splash screens, anything that is not faction-specific, I'm simply not interested in. This mod will not include an installer, anybody who wishes to use it can basically backup any existing modifications and instead use the Armageddon files. Whilst this mod cannot be used alongside other mods, it can be used with the existing setup because I have not and do not plan to alter the original factions or generals in any way.

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