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DLS Clan Video


Before I continue with the review, allow me to go on a slight tangent: Dueling and Sniping exclusively does not make a well-rounded warrior. That makes a weak JA player. Dueling is combat
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between two people. Sniping is shooting from afar. What's that say to me? That said clan cannot handle an actual fullscale battle (FFA or TFFA). A REAL clan can actually fight under hectic and almost ridiculous situations. My former clan back in JO (whose name will remain anonymous to avoid plugging.) was a clan that could actually fight under less controlled conditions. Today's clans seem to prefer crappier styles of combat. This applies to all clans who do so exclusively. This may not apply to the clan whose video I'm reviewing, but I was left with that impression. Now, you may wonder what that has to do with this video. In this 2:06 of film, you basically get advertised at for the DLS Clan. Their video states, and I quote, that they can "Duel, Snipe, and Conquer." With those resume qualifications, I daresay the masses will be flooding their server just to join. All sarcasm aside, this video was well-made. There were only a FEW JA-based shots, each one very brief. Most of it was just eye-candy made by the developer. The biggest problems were perhaps the way they presented themselves. The message I received was: "We spend more time standing around, chatting and doing an occasional duel, than actually do clan things." Another problem was the size of the was a bit tiny. However, the author had already noted this, so it's not so much of a surprise. Overall, a decent video, but I would recommend that the author remake a video that could increase his clan's reputation positively. Perhaps some may appeal to this style, but others (or at least I would) just find their style downright cowardly. P.S. - The author asked if I could mention his clansite in the review. Given my personal hatred towards advertising ANYTHING, I will not do so here, but I have made an edit in the readme section of this page with your URL in it - Averus Retruthan

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