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World of Warcraft

Skrom\'s Heal Help v1.8.1


This addon simplifies group/raid healing by automatically selecting the player most in need of healing within range and casting the highest rank spell you have which does not overheal. This selection
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takes into account your +healing from gear and factors in the overheal protection percentage that you can set from the options menu. This addon gets the healing data from your spells based strictly from the tooltips in your spellbook. This data is refreshed on a regular basis to ensure that you are using the most up to date numbers for your character that are available. Usage: The recommended method for using this addon is to bind a key through the keybindings menu to it. When you press the bound key it will scan your party/raid and cast the best spell it can all in one press. If no one in range needs the minimum heal you can do at that time the addon will do nothing. Alternatively there are a number of slash commands available: /healhelp -- this is the command issued when you press a bound hotkey. Use this slash command if you would like to create a macro key to place on your spell bar. /healhelp opt -- this will open the options menu where you can set the color for the chat feedback and also set the overheal protection percentage. The higher you set the slider, the less you will overheal as the addon will assume you will be doing closer and closer to the max of the heal cast. The lower you set the slider the more the addon will assume that you are doing the minimum and the more you will overheal. The default is 50% (average heals assumed). /healhelp refresh -- this command will instantly update your healing data. This command is typically not necessary as the data refreshes itself at three main times: On load, on options save and any time you change gear (in case you increased your +healing and the formulas need to be recalculated). If however you are sure that the data needs to be refreshed in the mean time, just type this command and it will be so. You can also filter the chat feedback messages into whichever chat window you prefer, as well as change the message color from the chat window options.

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