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World of Warcraft

DragonLords DKP v2.132


lease see website section \"Install\" on how to update EQDKP files for Import/Export data. -- ***** Current Features ***************************************************************** -- 1. Allows
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users to change options for what the DKP is for each mob. (i.e. Ragnaros = 10 DKP, Nefarian = 10 DKP). -- 2. Allows users to scroll through a list of players who have earned DKP. -- 3. Automatically gives DKP when combat message says a mob has died. (e.g. \"Ragnaros dies.\" would give the whole current raid 10 DKP). -- 4. A timer starts as soon as Lucifron is killed. You have eight hours to kill Golemagg in order to get the DKP for the \"bonus points\". -- 5. Points are saved in a file. -- 6. Has a minimap button for quick access to this addon. -- 7. Allows Raid Leader to send a notify message of one classes DKP. -- 8. User can click on the button \"Name\" and the names will be sorted. -- 9. Doesn\'t give DKP if user is offline. -- 10. Formats all names to first letter to Upper case and rest to lower case in the players names (standard WOW names). -- 11. Can have others whisper to raid leader for anyones DKP (only raid leader can send out whispers of DKP). -- 12. User can now click on the button \"Class\" and the names will be sorted by class then by names. -- 13. User now has the option to disable the whisper cast to return the DKP of a player. -- 14. User now has the option to click on \"Help\" button to show the command options. -- 15. DKP award/spend messages to say DKP [New Total: ] -- 16. All users can now select/deselect viewing of current raids DKP roster. -- 17. Shows the current raids dkp or the DragonLordsDKP list of DKP. -- 18. On time and end time points now has a button. -- 19. Has Import and an Export frames to help with updating eqdkp and ingame dkp -- 20. Can Log the boss kills and save it so it can be used to export to eqdkp. -- 21. Has a frame to ask item dkp information when an epic item is received by someone in the party. -- 22. Now has options to set the start time and end time dkp awards. -- 23. Now has the option to set max dkp limit. (default is 500) -- 24. Now has an adjustment frame in game that adds the adjustment to the log for later exporting to eqdkp. -- 25. A ReloadUI button to save the games data in case of a game crash. -- Alternate 1 option is to click the button after each point is awarded. -- Alternate 2 option is to put data onto eqdkp website after each point is awarded. -- 26. Can see the logged entries and can delete one at a time or all the logs. -- 27. Can see the item logged entries and can delete the item or change the DKP for that item. -- 28. Has options to use DKP for MC, BWL, AQ40, Outdoor World Bosses and Naxxramas. -- 29. Can change item dkp for a player after item log has been created. -- 30. Can now view the main log information upon selection. -- 31. Item Frame boss entry defaults to the last mob killed. -- 32. Snapshot will take a snapshot of who is in the raid and same zone and add associated dkp entered. -- ***** KNOWN ISSUES ***************************************************************** -- 1. Not all of the Bosses have been tested. -- 2. The Classes are not being sorted in alphabetical order. -- 3. On First install, user may have to type /dkpm enable -- 4. Lucifron to Golemagg timer may not be functioning properly. -- 5. This addon will not work if Player A was in Raid One and changed to Raid Two and Raid Two\'s leader hasn\'t received Points From Raid One\'s leader for Player A. -- 6. Import and Export need to be made into a plug-in so that the heading links can be used on the eqdkp website. -- ****** MOBS THAT HAVE BEEN ADDED BUT NEED TO BE TESTED YET *************************** -- Nefarian -- The Prophet Skeram -- Battleguard Sartura -- Fankriss the Unyielding -- Princess Huhuran -- The Twin Emperors -- C\'Thun -- Ysondre -- Taerar -- Emeriss -- Lethon -- Azuregos -- Lord Kazaak -- Patchwerk -- Grobbulus -- Gluth -- Instructor Razuvious -- Gothik the Harvester -- Highlord Mograine -- Thane Korthazz -- Lady Blameux -- Sir Zeliek -- Noth The Plaguebringer -- Heigan the Unclean -- Loatheb -- Anub\'Rekhan -- Grand Widow Faerlina -- Maexxna -- Sapphiron -- Kel\'Thuzad -- High Priestess Jeklik -- High Priest Venoxis -- High Priestess Mar\'li -- High Priest Thekal -- High Priestess Arlokk -- Hakkar the Soulflayer -- Bloodlord Mandokir -- Jin\'do the Hexxer -- Gahz\'ranka -- Gri\'lek -- Renataki -- Hazza\'rah -- Wushoolay -- Kurinnaxx -- General Rajaxx -- Moam -- Buru the Gorger -- Ayamiss the Hunter -- Ossirian the Unscarred

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