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Ultimate Soccer Match


Another time the Good and the Evil will fight...but this time it will be in a Soccer match! The rules are simple: it\'s a 3vs3 where each player control a hero with some new powers. You need to score
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5 goals in order to be declared winner (the ball is a goblin ^^). With more details, this game have: - A football camp in which 3 heroes of good and 3 heroes of evil will play soccer! - If the goblin (the ball) exit it is replaced in the middle -If someone score it will be displayed 1 more goal for his team and every hero will be replaced in the middle. - Heroes have 100000 life so it\'s really hard take them down...If one of them die it will be respawned after a long time - Each goal will increase of 1 level your heroes. - As in every stadium, football funs will invade the football field sometimes for their reason with several\'s an occasion to increase your hero level and magic powers but also pay attention because they have a great Attack Damage MAGIC SPELLS: Modified magic powers and 4 news: - One that will allow you to perform a corner kick - One that allow you to restart heroes position when you desire - One that allow you to perform a penality kick - One that will double goals when you score one (for example i have that power, we are 1-2 i score a goal and we\'ll be 3-2) GOOD HEROES: - Some previous powers have been powered or recharge time decresed - Gandalf: Gandalf has no more shadowfax but convert enemys - Aragorn: Aragorn has no more leadership but a power that increase his speed of +100%. He has left also Elendil for a little red wordofpower - Elrond: Elrond has no more leadership but a power that increase his speed oby +50% and resistance to knockback. He has left also Farsight for Flood Power. - Saruman wizardblast blastaways heroes (like gandalf wizardblast) but recharged time is only 10 sec. I overpowered it because it has a nerf shot with the ball. Saruman has left trainallies for blink. - GoblinKing\'s leadership has been sobstituted with shelob\'s tunnel. - Lurtz have no more Leadership but a power that increase his speed of +100%. Lurtz has lost also pillage for a power that summon 2 berserker uruk-hai. This map have only one reason to exist: HAVE FUN! p.s: i will post soon some screenshot p.p.s: if in a multiplayer anyone have the map in order to assicure good map positions, it\'s better make players of a team the first three player of the room, of the other team the last players. p.p.p.s: HAVE FUN ^^

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