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Maze Arena


Ladies and gentlemen, Jedi Academy CTF has just been redefined. Why? Tactics. Ever heard of them? Yeah, they\'re pretty rare on the baseJKA maps. Thankfully, this one has plenty of tactical
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opportunities. The maze in the middle is the biggest one. This battlefield will have you playing like a marine - you never know what\'s coming, and whoever gets the first shot gets the win. Add in the traps controlled by the overlooking bunker, and there\'s an added dimension. So, you\'ve got to control the bunker, use fireteam tactics in the maze, and still keep a defensive wall at your base. Sounds cool, don\'t it? Add in smooth FPS, plenty of room for fancy stuff, and plenty of space for action, and you\'re onto a fun 16v16 CTF. LAN party, anyone? So, it plays well, but how does it look? Thought you\'d never ask. ;) Well, it\'s all down to taste. I quite like the design but dislike the theme, yet others will hate the design and love the theme. Y\'know, \"beauty is in the eye of the beholder\"... From all technical viewpoints, the level of craftsmanship has to be admired. The overall theme of the map changes pretty abruptly when moving from the interior to the exterior, but you\'ll never feel that it\'s an extreme change. The maze, as well as doing it\'s job of being confusing, looks the perfect part, as do the base fronts - you\'d almost expect grand temples to be waiting inside. The seamless mix of ancient and futuristic comes as no surprise really, given LDJ\'s track record. So, it plays good, and looks good. What\'s the catch, you say? No catch here. Bot support is provided, as well as compatibility for FFA mode without the need for devmap hax. The only fine print is that without a decent amount of players, you won\'t be able to enjoy the map\'s full potential. Like I said, perfect for 16v16s, although those with low-end systems should probably stick to 8v8 for performance\'s sake. Again, I\'d recommend dropping the sabers and force powers, and gunning it, but the choice is yours. Another work of art from LDJ, although this ain\'t museum art - this is interactive. There\'s nothing I can really say, the map speaks for itself. However, my opinion as an experienced CTF player, in both JK2 and many other CTF games, is that this should be a staple for any CTF server. ~ Kouen [b]Bot Routing:[/b] Yes [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Music:[/b] No [b]New Models:[/b] No [b]Gametypes:[/b] Free For All Capture the Flag

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