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Gollum Prison Break


A. Extract the contents of the zip file into this directory: C:\\Documents and Settings\\(your computer login name)\\Application Data\\My Battle for Middle-earth(tm) II Files\\Maps On this map
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you and your allies share these units...goblins,gollum,all 4 hobbits,treebeard,and some berskerkers to blow up walls.This map is very fun but is not my final version. Version 1 for the gollum prision break. Very diffrent then wat Version 2 will be. Version 2 will be the hobbits sneakying into mordor. This is just for the fun of blowing up walls really. The other one will be alot more of stealth tactics but i wanted to release something today to give an idea of the real version that i will start working on soon. It is pretty hard to win. To win you must destroy player 5s fortress but dont do that until you destroy there men. I want to say that this was a map that only took me about 1 or 2 hours to make so its a quick example of how my next map might be like. But again my next map wil be,detailed,bigger,funner,more challanging,and More exsiting.Oh and player 5 is ment to be AI.This map is more like a scattered demo.Not very detailed. Its not that much like the new version. Let me tell you about my new version. 1. it will have gollum completly caged in and the players will have to try and free him using Treebeard,all 4 hobbits,and some other miscellaneous units. The point of it will be to free gollum then build a base and defeat the AI.The AI ( player 5) should be a brutal. Only use the units you get to free gollum and take out the enmies first base then go back to ur base. ( i will suggest multi tasking and building a base while freeing gollum)That is wat my new map will be but this mapo is just to show kinda were things will be and how it will run. ALSO i dont really suggest you download it unless your board and want to play a new map.Its still fun but my new one will be bigger and better.

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