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Romulan (TMP) Pack Part 1


Well, what\'s better than getting 1 Romulan ship...getting a whole fleet of them!! So, I\'ll hide my excitement as best as possible and keep a relative form of objectivity. 4 ships: Sparrow
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Hawk Light Cruiser - 3 nacelles, 2 on each side and 1 held together on a \"rollbar\". The front is extended out and has the standard Romulan ship-head. She\'s fast. Very fast. Send these in only for recon. Firehawk Medium Cruiser (personal favourite) - 2 nacelles supported by struts on each side with 2 on the dorsal face of the hull at the rear. She\'s bigger and much more powerful than the Sparrow Hawk. One of these can take on a Federation cruiser with ease. Osprey Medium Cruiser - She has a broad hull with a nacelle on each side. She doesn\'t look much like a medium cruiser, but she has speed and attack force. A strike force of these could easily take on a minor enemy fortification. Predator Heavy Cruiser - What she lacks in speed this beast more than makes up for in weapon power. She\'s the ship with 4 nacelles all on the ventral face, an aft section with an impulse drive and the define wings. She makes the Akira look like a support ship. Extras: New interface - This sleek and dark Romulan interface replaces the old boring one with something much more fitting for that of the Romulan Empire. The resource bar at the top has also been re-arranged. Interface features - Buttons and wireframes for EVERY ship AND variant. Admirals pic - Again, for every ship and its variant. Custom weapons - Specially made custom weapons with nice new shiny textures, including plasma torpedoes and beam and pulse disruptors. Shipyard - You can build all 12 ships from the BI:VR shipyard employed for this task. So, what exactly are these variants? Each ship comes with a TMP version (light textures) which is balanced with lighter weaponry and weaker defences in terms of shields and armour. There is an Imperial Fleet TNG version with darker textures, heavier weaponry and defences and a Tal Shiar variant with some dark textures and...well, find out for yourself ;) No stone has been left un-turned for what is essentially, a perfect mod. ALL should download this addon for use in their most likely small Romulan armada and watch as the Romulans bite back. Steamrunners, Norways, Sovereigns...they\'re nothing now! [b]A definite must have.[/b]

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