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tradeDispenser v0.95


it\'s very usefull for raidleaders and mages for distributing items like water for \'mana-user\' and \'healers\' or fireres-pots for \'all classes\', manapots for \'priest\' etc - whatever you like
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to trade. FEATURES if tradeDispenser is activated, it will trade instantly, puts the needed items into the tradewindow and auto-accepting it. so you can go AFK or trade in combat without interrupting yourself. (btw: you gonna retarget your enemy) the auto-broadcast can be used to remember your raidmembers on long raids (MC, BWL, AQ). the broadcast timer can be configured like every other function in tradeDispenser and you can write up to 8 random-messages for spamming the channel you setup. btw: it wont broadcast if tradeDispenser\'s deactivated. ItemLinks in Broadcast-Messages can be added like you add Items to your chat-channels (Shift+Click) the config-center\'s cut into 3 parts (TradeProfiles, TradeControl, Settings) and is very easy to use. just open the config-center via slash-command (/td config), OSD-button or keybinding the OSD is a quite pretty, small frame which could be placed wherever you\'ve got free space in your UI. (it could be rotated by 90°). the 3 buttons are 6 shortcuts to all functions you normally need. the buttons are (leftclick and rightclick): 1) insta-broadcast / auto-broadcast toggle 2) tradeDispenser toggle / reset client-list 3) open TradeProfiles / open full config-center You can even trade for money!!! the customer has to pay equal or more than you have defined in the profiles to get his items. raid- and guild-members can get the items for free! (if you activate the checkbox) If you\'re running out of items you will trade your last (may incomplete) stack - tD\'s gonna announce automatically \'no items left, dont trade me again\' (or something similar) and disable itself. all whispering-messages can be edited ingame! you can even limit the trading-time - if a player does not accept it, the trade\'s gonna closed after a defined time. other players may want some items too - and they should not be blocked. you can set KeyBindings for 4 main-functions of tradeDispenser (toggle tD, show configframe, show OSD, broadcast) last but not least: you can configure all options and messages by your char! so it\'s possible to turn off all frames and functions on your priest or rouge without loosing the functions on your mage. since version 0.75 you can add players to a banlist. Additional Note about the Profiles: You can set some TradeProfiles depending on the clients class. They can be sorted in 3 groups (in order of priority) - All Classes - Class X (e.g. Warrior) - Group Y (e.g. Melee) These 3 groups are ADDITIVE. if a warlock\'s gonna trade you, he will get the stuff you placed in: All Classes + Warlock + mana-user. healer-classes (druids, priests, pala/shamn) wont get items of the \'mana-user\'-group - they\'ve got an own group: \'healer\'. there are an additional feature for the profiles: you can set up to 3 racks of trading-profiles so you can use \'rack 1\' to trade a LOT of water (preparation for long raids), \'rack 2\' to trade only a small amount of water (eg onyxia or in the middle of raids) and \'rack 3\' to trade some fireres-mungo-pots. all you have to do is to activate the rack you want! Slash-Commands type /tD or /tradeDispenser to get a list of all possible commands. they could replace all 6 functions of the OSD - usefull for people who dont like this small side-frame. for further details, please read the readme and the FAQ!

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