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Imperial Storage Silo


My first thought about this map was how nice it looked for having no third-party content in it whatsoever. All default Raven textures, and yet the whole map looks fresh and the style is very
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consistent. I was about to say it didn't look very Imperial, but I had to remind myself this is not an Imperial warship, or an Imperial military base, and thus a less "whitewashed" look is to be expected. It is very industrial, however, with fits in very well with an Imperial theme. What I liked about this map was the amount of color in it. Most of the color comes from red and yellow colored lights, which somehow fit together ver well. There is also variation in wall textures, ranging from "Imperial grey" to shades of brown. Very tastefully textured, and the architecture itself is interesting as well. Plenty of curves to satisfy your need for advanced architecture, but angular enough to still give that Imperial feel. I could really only find one "bug" with this map, and it had to do with the botrouting. Most maps don't even include botrouting, so the fact that it's been added kind of nullifies the problems with it. The first thing I noticed about the botrouting is how the bots moved. They moved in a very serpentine pattern, as if the author wanted them to reach every bit of the map, which probably isn't entirely necessary. In the read-me the author makes note that sometimes the bots will fall off of the sewer bridge and be stuck. As I watched the bots, they never got that far. Rather they got stuck on some protruding pipes and couldn't seem to get around them. Could have been a fluke, as I really only tested one bot, but worth mentioning. Should it deter you from downloading this map? No way. It's a great map, good for a sizable free-for-all (or a duel, if you're really daring). I'd give it a recommendation, even if just because I think it's pretty! [b]Bot Support[/b]: Yes [b]New Textures[/b]: No [b]New Music[/b]: No [b]New Models[/b]: No [b]Game Types[/b]: FFA, duel, powerduel ~Inyri

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