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Moon Represents My Heart


Well, here we have the next version in the Dark Force mod series, and this one is called "Moon Represents My Heart ". I won't bore you with another review of this mod, since it just adds on to the
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previous mods, so here are some reviews of the previous versions. Love Path (v.11) review and Glory of the Sith (v.16) review All I'm going to do is tell you what changes have been wrought in this version, quoted from the readme. [quote]-------------------------------------------------------- New Feature in version 20th -------------------------------------------------------- 1. Fixed force protect If you pay attention to how this force work, it seems not work as its described in force rules. This force sometimes did not reduce the damage what it should be. Now we fix it already!! Force protect update : rules : protect against damage from physical and energy and projectile based attacks, but NOT from force based attacks. duration : 20 seconds for all level -level 1, 40% Damage blocked, but not from Force based attacks -level 2, 50% Damage blocked, but not from Force based attacks -level 3, 60% Damage blocked, but not from Force based attacks -level 4, 70% Damage blocked, but not from Force based attacks NOTE : force based attack (grip, drain, lightning) can only neutralized using force absorb 2. Singleplayer Undying mode This mode works just like SP, now its giving you 999 health, 999 armor and 999 force NOTE : the amount of force meter might not shown 999, this bug is unresolveable yet, however the force meter does not affect the actual amount of 999 force powers you have. 3. Default human health, armor and force is return to 255 Previously we using command g_forceregentime to decide how many health and power we had when spawn, this seemed like a good idea, but apparently it confuses people. So we just return it again to previous dark force mod version, defaulted to 255. 4. Do not underestimate cheap weapon Never underestimate your blaster pistol just like you never underestimate the power of the force. Alt fire power of these weapon are truly deadly in precious accuracy. These alt-fire power also aplicable for other cheap weapon, the tusken rifle. 5. Miscellanous update Fixed tusken rifle and noghri stick alt-charge effect Fixed force animation when using non saber Fixed force heal smoke effect Etc...see old features update below![/quote] While some might find this mod fun, others may not like it. When I reviewed Love Path I found it to be fun, but that was me. Download if you liked the other versions. :) ~Zach

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