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Galactic Get-Away


JK2 map. Woohoo! My first thought when I gave this a whirl is that it would be very suitable for clans or roleplay groups (who I like to call \"poor little things who seriously need to discover
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the awesomeness that is Neverwinter Nights multiplayer\" :p ). Kinda reminds me of a command center or base of some sort. Anyway, all the expected rooms are here. The bar, bedrooms, hangars, prison, sparring room, and weird duel area which serves no practical purpose other than ripping off an area from the movies. So far, so predictable, right? You\'ll likely be able to guess that the texturing style is a mix of Jedi Temple and Imperial, as many maps of this kind use. You would be correct. Now, I did pick out quite a few bugs, as well as things the author probably shouldn\'t have done. Firstly, the pillows in the bedrooms. Call me a nitpicker, but I believe that if a job is worth doing, it\'s worth doing properly. Using a pure white box with inclined sides for a pillow isn\'t doing a job properly. At least use a cushion shape covered by a real fabric texture. Secondly, the doors have a habit of snapping open and snapping shut again before you have a chance to go through them. Elevators often do this too, being triggered before you have the chance to board them. When using doors, the \'wait\' entity key is your friend. Some elevators don\'t even get to their destinations when you call them to the upper level, but it\'s impossible for me to discern why without having the source file - however, the consequence of this is that the upper level with the bedrooms requires /kill to escape from. Thirdly, the hangar forcefields produce a nice little void effect. Most likely cause of this is that the author didn\'t use caulk or nodraw on every side of the brush that the player can\'t see, although another probable cause is that there\'s nothing on the other side, and the transparent forcefield shader looks out into the void. Aesthetically, the lighting isn\'t up to par, with most of it being uniform. There\'s a distinct lack of curves, and while I [i]am[/i] fully aware that not everything in life is curved, I\'m equally aware that not everything is square. Boring architecture tends to reduce a map\'s visual appeal, which can lead to people tiring of it quickly. Also, the texturing in the Imperial-ish areas doesn\'t blend in with the rest of the map\'s theme. It just cuts away into an entirely different theme, very sharply. For positives, though, there\'s quite a bit of room for a guns only match, and decent enough areas for the duelists also. The theme works quite well, aside from the abrupt break-aways. This isn\'t to say it doesn\'t need fixing still, but if you like the looks of it for FFA, or run an RP server, this one is worth checking out. ~ Kouen [b]Bot Routing:[/b] Yes [b]New Textures:[/b] Yes [b]New Models:[/b] No [b]New Music:[/b] Yes [b]Gametypes:[/b] Free For All Team Free For All Holocron FFA Jedi Master

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