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Mobius Assets


This pack includes all my works so far except fot those that include materials that belong to other people or mods that I am working with so a few textures for instance might show up black for
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that reason Included are Textures particles New moveables and placeables prefabs lights and much more most of theese are completed works some are not they are still curently being worked on by me or may have been solely for test purposes I am releasing this pack early like this because of repeated requests by people to look at and use some of them included In this pack are all my prefabs (in order for them to work there are some important notes) 1. you need texture lock enabled in doom 3 for moving and roatating etc 2. The origin isnt allways at 0 so you may have to zoom out to find them 3. Some require the additional texutre I have created 4. Some of them have complex trigger or entity sequences I recomend placing them in a small generic map to see how they work incase when you import them doom 3 renames some of them and break the entity chain so they dont work 5. Inclueded are examples on how to make conveyors jump-pads quicksand and much more If your curious about how to make any of theese yourself you can find all my tutorials at under the name voldemort 6.The prefabs use entities and textures that are from the stock doom3game so they can only be used in doom 3 that dosnt mean you cant take the basic geometry or concept and use it in a different game based on the doom3 engine like quake 4 or prey Also included in this pack are a Few particles new textures---There are several hundred new textures spread out with the folder structure of exhale1--exhale4 a few of theese textures inclued certain assets from stock doom3 textures that I borrowed an example would be 2 of the cieling tile sets that have vents or a sprinkler head those two include stock doom3 texturs and so can only be used with doom 3 also the demoinic symbols with particle effect and blood writing is thiers as well there are a few others as well so keep and eye out for them if you plan on using theese in a different game Also included are the texutres that have animated 3d displacement (animated normal maps for organic quality) and animated masks and much more.

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