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WonderBooze v1.0.1


So me and a few friends have a bunch of drinking games for all sorts of activities, and one of us decided to start making rules for a WoW drinking game we could play. After a few runs we thought the
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game was great, but sometimes it was a little hard to remember when to drink! So after joking around about making an addon to keep track and tell us when to drink we started work on it. This is the result. Have fun, and drink responsibly (I recomend Kool-Aid!) These are the current rules for the WonderBooze Wow Drinking game: Leveling up: Levels 1-9: 2 drinks Levels 10-24: 3 drinks Levels 25-39: 4 drinks Levels 40-59: 6 drinks Level 60: 10 drinks Quest related: When you complete a quest objective(ie: you kill the last mob you needed for a quest): 1 drink When you turn a quest in: 1 drink EG: So if you have a quest to kill 5 mobs, and collect a feather you will get a total of 3 drinks for completing both tasks and turning it in. NOTE: Turning in quests in AV only gives you a 5th of a drink, so you need to turn in 5 quests before you get a drink. Death: Everytime you die you take 1 drink. Battlegrounds: All: - Everytime you or one of your party (not raid) members kill one of the top people from the opposing team you get a drink! In AV the top 3 players give a drink (First gives 3, second 2, third 1 drink). In AB the top 2 give a drink. In WSG the first place person does. - When you finish a Battleground you get drinks! 1 drink for losing, 3 for winning! Arathi Basin: - Everytime you or one of your party (not raid) members tap, or defend, a node you get a drink. Warsong Gulch: - Everytime your team returns your flag you get a drink! - Everytime your team captures the other teams flag you get a drink! Loot: Find(group): Green: 1 drink Blue: 2 drinks Epic: 3 drinks Legendary: 4 drinks Win(group) or Loot(solo): Green: 2 drinks Blue: 4 drinks Epic: 6 drinks Legendary: 8 drinks

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