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Conflict in Space: New Units


Conflict in Space: New Units (V4.1) [NEW UNITS IN V4.1] Empire 1) Sovereign-class Super Star Destroyer * requirements: tech level 5, space station level 5, shipyard planet * available in
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skirmish (space station level 5) * equipped with an axial superlaser -> 1 hit = hardpoint destroyed * orbital bombardment capable 2) TIE Avenger * tech level 5 starfighter with lure ability * A-Wing\'s counterpart 3) TIE Phantom * cloaked fighter available on Aeten II only * semi-transparent, invisible on enemy radars, can travel undetected though the galaxy * buildable in skirmish (level 4 & 5) 4) Royal Guard TIE Interceptor * red TIE Interceptor with a hyperdrive and shield * available on Coruscant only Rebel 1) NRS \"Mediator\" * \"hero\" variant of the Mediator cruiser * equipped with heavy ion cannon (similar to planetary i.c.) * level 5 hero, buildable in skirmish (space station level 5) 2) Liberator cruiser * requirements: tech level 2, level 4 space station * carries 6 X-Wing squadrons and 4 Y-Wing squadrons * available in skirmish (level 3) 3) K-Wing * heavy bomber armed with laser cannons, turbolaser cannons, proton torpedoes and concussion missiles * buildable in GC (tech level 5) and skirmish (space station level 4) [MAJOR CHANGES IN V4.1] * all capital ships are buildable on on all shipyard planets (including SSDs and Mediator) * Death Star II buildable on all planets * 2 new shipyard planets: Bestine and Corellia * B-Wing/K-Wing/ARC-170 bombing run feature added * LoW SSD V1 replaced with Bailknight\'s one * new V4 models fixed and improved * cpt. Needa\'s comeback * more new units available is skirmish mode * improved AI [MINOR CHANGES IN V4.1] * more balanced Alderaan\'s Demise scenario * hunt ability for X-Wing * wingless MCC - shield hardpoint removed, icon size adjusted * Venator SD - hardpoints reassigned * improved explosions in space * robotic sounds for TIE/D fighters * E-Wing is slighly better against larger ships * TIE Defender is more expensive * smaller Titan Cruiser * slighly smaller Death Stars * slighly improved hero spawning in GC * Clone Wars-era starting units removed from level 3 and 5 GC scenarios * Liberators and Venators added as starting units to some GC scenarios * Republic SD toned down * Titan and Home One - population value 4 instead of 6 * Executor SSD is less expensive on Fondor, Mediator - on Mon Calamari and Death Star II - on Endor * blue lasers for Acclamator * improved some icons

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