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Ai Te Ni Ya He Chu Shin


Well, here we have the next version in the Dark Force mod series, and this one is called \"Ai Te Ni Ya He Chu Shin\". I won\'t bore you with another review of this mod, since it just adds on to the
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previous mods, so here are some reviews of the previous versions. Love Path (v.11) review and Glory of the Sith (v.16) review All I\'m going to do is tell you what changes have been wrought in this version, quoted from the readme. -------------------------------------------------------- New Feature in version 19th -------------------------------------------------------- Force optimization This is the force data of dark force mod v.19 : a. FP_HEAL, healing after injury -level 1, healing 25 point, must not move while healing -level 2, healing 33 point, must not use offensive force or in grip -level 3, healing 50 point, do all the times -level 4, healing 70 point, do all the times b. FP_LEVITATION, make tremendous vertical leap -level 1, jump 1 meter -level 2, jump 2 meter -level 3, jump 4 meter -level 4, jump 80 meter, no force needed (special case) c. FP_SPEED, speeds up moving duration : 10 seconds for all level -level 1, 125 % faster -level 2, 150 % faster -level 3, 175 % faster -level 4, 200 % faster d. FP_PUSH, push objects away and defend from missile and grip range level 1-3 : 10 meter, range level 4 : 20 meter (special case) -level 1, only push at targeting object -level 2, push back multiple enemies or objects in a limited arc -level 3, push back multiple enemies with enough force to do damage -level 4, push long distance powerfull throw to splat enemies to the ground e. FP_PULL, pull specific world objects range level 1-3 : 10 meter, range level 4 : 20 meter (special case) -level 1, pull certain levers and objects in the targeting reticle -level 2, can pull the weapon out of the hands of an enemy -level 3, can pull multiple enemies and their weapons -level 4, pull from long distance and do powerfull knockback f. FP_TELEPATHY, confuse and/or misdirect attention range : 5 meter for all level -level 1, confuse one enemy for 5 seconds -level 2, confuse multiple enemy for 10 seconds -level 3, confuse multiple enemy for 15 seconds -level 4, confuse multiple enemy for 20 seconds g. FP_GRIP, choke or constrict the organs of a living being damage level 1 : 0, level 2-3 : 2 per half second, level 4 : 3 per half second range level 1-3 : 3,8 meter, level 4 : 50 meter (special case) -level 1, grip and hold one enemy immobile, but undamaged for 5 seconds -level 2, lift one enemy off the ground and do damage -level 3, grip lasting as long as there is force and can cut enemies head off -level 4, can catch enemy from distance, do deadly damage and cut off head h. FP_LIGHTNING, electrocuted enemies and destroy trip mine, detpack or sentry gun damage : random value from 1-3 for all level -level 1, launches a single bolt that doing instant damage -level 2, sustained forward attack -level 3, large forward arc, can do two handed lightning -level 4, can do flame thrower with two handed i. FP_RAGE, protection against damage, increase speed in attack(50%) and moves(75%) at the expense of health duration : 10 seconds, and must have at least 25 health to use this power. wielder cannot die (health stays at 1) At 10 second rage recovery : fire 50% slower, and move 30% slower -level 1, protect againts 40% damage -level 2, protect againts 50% damage -level 3, protect againts 60% damage -level 4, protect againts 70% damage j. FP_PROTECT, decrease incoming damage from energy, physical, projectile, and explosive sources duration : 20 seconds for all level -level 1, 40% Damage blocked, 100% removed from Force pool, max 100 Damage -level 2, 50% Damage blocked, 75% removed from Force pool, max 200 Damage -level 3, 60% Damage blocked, 50% removed from Force pool, max 300 Damage -level 4, 70% Damage blocked, 25% removed from Force pool, max 400 Damage k. FP_ABSORB, absorb dark force power, mindtrick, force push and pull duration : 20 seconds for all level Special for this force, its works depends on the difference level of attacker and target force power when the attacker dark force level has same level with the target absorb power, the target get no ill effects, however on lower absorb level the target will take some damage depends on the differences level. l. FP_TEAM_HEAL,//no changes m. FP_TEAM_FORCE,//no changes n. FP_DRAIN, drain enemies force power or health Special for this force it will first drain any force power that enemies has, and it will drain life, when no force power to be drained, makes it very dangerous power. (special case) -level 1, drain 2 point of force -level 2, drain 3 point of force -level 3, drain 4 point of force -level 4, drain 5 point of force o. FP_SEE, see enemies aura behind any solids wall -level 1, sense at short range for 5 second -level 2, sense at medium range for 10 second, -level 3, sense at long range for 15 second, automatically dodge sniper -level 4, sense at long range for 20 second, automatically dodge sniper p. FP_SABER_OFFENSE, adjust the power of saber attack There is 7 level of saber attack -level 1, fast style -level 2, medium style -level 3, strong style + 4 additional style (staff, dual, tavion, desann) -level 4, strong style + 4 additional style (staff, dual, tavion, desann) + unlimited kata chain q. FP_SABER_DEFENSE, block other saber projectile Special for this force, it used for winning the saber lock/parry r. FP_SABERTHROW, throw a lightsaber and use it as a missile weapon range level 1-3 : 7 meter, level 4 : 20 meter (special case) -level 1, flies straight from the player and returns -level 2, can exert control over the flying lightsaber as it arcs out -level 3, steer the saber into the crosshair point faster -level 4, doing multiple damage and longer radius Also we fix some old feature to optimize them. [/quote] While some might find this mod fun, others may not like it. When I reviewed Love Path I found it to be fun, but that was me. Download if you liked the other versions. :) ~Zach

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