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Dawn of War v1.51 Patch


This patch updates Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War / Winter Assault from version 1.50 to version 1.51, offering multiplayer fixes and more balancing adjustments. General Fixes - Network lag and
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stuttering improvements - Game doesn’t use 100% of processor anymore when alt-tabbed out. Game Balance Fixes Global - Reduced resources for deleting a finished Headquarters, Barracks, and Plasma Generator from 50% to 10% Space Marines * Tactical Marines - Decreased health of Tactical Marines from 405 to 390 - Increased cost of Plasma Guns from 40/10 to 40/15 - Reduced Target Finders damage bonus for Heavy Bolters from 50% to 35% - Reduced Bionics health bonus for Tactical Marines from 35% to 25% - Reduced armor penetration of Tactical Marine’s Knife versus infantry medium from 70.383 to 60 - Reduced Tactical Marine’s Frag Grenade stun duration from 3.0 seconds to 2.5 seconds * Scout Marines - Increased health of Scout Marines from 285 to 295 - Reduced armor penetration of Sniper Rifle versus infantry medium from 75 to 50 - Reduced Bionics health bonus for Scout Marines from 35% to 25% * Assault Marines - Reduced research time of Melta Bombs from 70 seconds to 45 seconds * Chaplain - Reduced Shout duration from 20 to 15 seconds * Turrets - Reduced cost of Space Marine Turrets from 110/55 to 100/50 Imperial Guard * Guardsmen - Increased Guardsmen starting squad from 4 to 5 (squad cost and build time remains unchanged) - Increased health of Guardsmen from 150 to 160 * Commissar - Increased health regeneration bonus of Commissar by 25% * Basilisk - Fix – Basilisk’s regular shots don’t expend resources after firing the Earthshaker round - Reduced damage of Basilisk by 20% * Psyker - Reduced duration of Curse of the Machine Spirit from 20 seconds to 15 seconds Chaos * Khorne Berserkers - Reduced squad cost of Khorne Berserkers from 4 to 3 * Rhino - Reduced support cost of Chaos Rhino from 1 to 0 - Implemented a squad cap of 3 Chaos Rhinos Orks * Tankbusta - Reduced Tankbusta Rokkit damage by 10% * Shootaboyz - Increased Shootaboyz squad train time from 26 seconds to 30 seconds - Increased damage of Big Shoota weapon by 20% - Reduced cost of Big Shoota weapon from 40/30 to 40/10 * Sluggaboyz - Increased Sluggaboyz squad train time from 16 seconds to 18 seconds Eldar * Dark Reaper - Dark Reapers can no longer fire on the move - Reduced Dark Reaper damage by 10% * Warp Spider - Increased armor penetration of Warp Spiders versus heavy high from 25.5 to 32

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