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Vesgarian Swamp


Many years ago Civbell used to be a beautiful planet where people were free to do what they pleased. But the Empire soon caught Civbell\'s attention and a research team was sent to Civbell to
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investigate the planet\'s natural resources and the empire soon discovered that Civbell was a resource rich planet and only Kessel was able to match Civbell\'s resource amount. Only a few months later, the whole planet turned into a huge industry planet. The humans were used as slaves while the Hutts managed to cut a deal with the empire. Due to all the pollution, the planet turned into a swamp and started to sink. Many years passed by, and the empire forces on Civbell got more insulated to the rest of the empire, they had a now old communication centre they could use, in case something would happen. Each month a cargo shuttle would land on Civbell to collect resources and bring supplies to the empire forces. One day, a new material was found, and the small empire garrison realized that this material would be the perfect armour for the stromtroopers once it was processed. The soldiers sent a message to the nearest Empire planet, and requested an immediately pickup of the newly discovered material. Unfortunately for the empire, the rebels intercepted the message and made sure it never reached the planet. Soon the rebel forces landed their first spies on the planet to disable all empire external communication and soon the rebels managed to land a whole force of soldiers who started to build their base. The rebels wasn\'t there to liberate the humans, they were there to collect the super armour themselves. The empire soon discovered the rebel base which was still under construction, but empire\'s base only consisted of a command centre, research facility, and a barracks. The empire tried to send a distress signal, but they learned that the rebel had sabotaged their communication centre. Luckily for the empire, the cargo shuttle was due to land soon and then they would be able to get help and bring the new amour material to safety. But things didn\'t work out as planned, the shuttle was ambushed by the rebels and the empire only had one choice... to upgrade their outpost to a fully functional military base and fight the rebels. The empire cannot afford to lose the new amour material and the rebel will have to make this quick before the cargo shuttle is reported missing and the empire would investigate the case, and the humans and hutts (who\'s neutralization is threatened) most fight for their freedom

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