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CTF Planet Travel


This is another SpaZe map brought to you by EFFiles. He's pretty much developed his own style of mapping, with good and bad points. However, I'll start off with a proper description of the map
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itself. You start off in a very large, very square and slightly bland room. In the middle is what looks like a column, but sort of rounded off. In this bit, there is an elevator which takes you up to another three levels, which each have one holdable. Then (back down on the first level) you'll most liekly have already noticed the thousands of hypos, which will make for a good long duel ;). Then if you head out of that room you'll find yourself in a large room, with some quite good detail, and most notably a stargate. So, I think we've all guessed the theme of this map then. There are two side rooms which contain weapons/power-ups including the main room with lots of weapons/power-ups. From there, you'll find there's nothing much else to do, but go through the stargate. Now, the thing that caught my attention, is the attention to detail about the stargate. It has a little "surprise" when you go through, which you can find out for yourself when you download it :P. Now, on the other side of this stargate is a nice rocky planet. I find that rocks are the hardest to get right when coming to having them accurate, but I think SpaZe made a fsirly good attempt (apart from one slight possible leak at the side). On the planet it contains lots of weapons/power-ups and plenty room to frag :D. It's best just to have an explore around the planet, to get acquainted with it first though. As for the flags, I'm not telling you where they are :P. So, that's pretty much the whole map. It's of a relatively average size. There are alot of good things; some of the rooms had some good detail, the little gate surprise, the wide variety of weapons/power-ups and the style, I think it's good to see he's getting a good style for his work :P. However, there are a few nitpicks, although the map has a wide variety of weapons/power-ups, they are placed everywhere, which doesn't give anyone much of a real chance and the elevator is slightly fast and dodgy (beware of the crushing elevator, lol). Anyway, that about sums it up. You can wake up now and I do recommend you download this map, either because you like stargate, you want to know the surprise or you're starting to like SpaZes work. - Ryan (Screenshots now added, see below)

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