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BFME2 2.5 Mod


Battle for Middle Earth 2.5 Version 2.1.5 --------------------------- Intoduction ------------ My mod isnt a total conversion, its move of a exspansion pack, its half way to what could be
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bfme3 hence the name bfme2.5 . These first 2 versions add bits and peices, but my next version will start adding factions, so be sure to keep an eye open for them. Installation ------------ Copy the bfme2.5.big into C:\\Documents and Settings\\Tom\\Application Data\\My Battle for Middle-earth(tm) II Files (note this may be hidden) Run the sortcut. Please note if you installed battle for middle earth 2 somewhere diferent to the default path \"C:\\Program Files\\Electronic Arts\\The Battle for Middle-earth (tm) II\" you will have to open properties of the shortcut, and change the start it box to where you installed, for example it might look like this \"E:\\Games\\Battle for middle earth 2\" Then change the the first part of the target box (\"C:\\Program Files\\Electronic Arts\\The Battle for Middle-earth (tm) II\") To where you installed bfme2. So it would look like this \"E:\\Games\\Battle for middle earth 2\" -mod bfme2.5.big just make sure you dont remove the command at the end. Changes --------- version 2.1.5 -------------- button and portrait images added to gothmog, damrod and gamling. Gothmog armor and attack while mounted fixed. Rohan armory upgrades fixed elven reskin pack removed (look worse then originals) version 2.1 --------------- Goblins -------- New Building Dragon Lair 3 Dragon\'s can be built from dragon lair Drakes built from Dragon lair New Hero Balrog Drogoth built from dragon lair Dragon lair now has experience levels Mordor ------------ nazgul all mount fell beasts and horses gothmog can mount and dismount warg gothmog carnage and cripple power\'s removed, new power stubbon pride 8 nazgul availble (and witch king) Grond availble Isengard ----------- New Building, Dunland Tent Wild men availible from Dunland Tent all new buildings have experience levels Dwarves ----------- 3 Hunters avaible (aragorn, Legolas and gimli) Tom Bombidil Avaible Elves ------ New Building Hobbit Barracks Hobbit sherrifs avaible from hobbit barracks New hero\'s frodo, sam, merry and pippin built from hobbit built from hobbit barracks Celeborn bugs fixed New Unit Elven warriors New hero Gwaihirall new buildings have experience levels Men ---- Ranger tent uses right model in snow upgrade problems fixed All new buildings have all new buildings have experience levels New Building Rohan Archery Range New Building Rohan Armory New Building Rohan Stable New Building Rohan Well New Building Rohan Statue New Building Ranger Tent Dunedain avaible form ranger tent ithilian rangers avaible from ranger tent New hero Damrod New Hero Gamling New Unit Rohan Peasants New Unit Rohan Archers New Unit Rohan Fighters New Unit Rohan Builder New unit Oath Breaker cavalry Rohan Well and statue radius\'s now fixed damrod now has a button image Gondor fighters, archers, and towerguards all have new skins Other ------- More Team colours New war of the ring mod, the 3rd age New create a hero weapon, for motw class Credits and thanks ------- Sorry if missed someone out, ill be surprised if i have though Valandil- gondor soldiers, gondor archers, towerguard, damrod skins The 3rd age- the hole modding comunity is always very helpful, and i allways go there for help, so i give my thanks. Rohadhrim & Wheezy- they made the ingame loading screens bettween them, whoozy did the world builder bit and Rohadhrim did the writing. Beta testers ------------ Nazzie Whoozy Wheezy MikeMate onebigcheese Theodred Lioncage King Duku Dindi Hobbit Other ------ if u have any problems, surgestions, idears, bug reports or balence issues please head over to my forums, where your also find the latest news on whats to come in my mod.

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