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Geonosis: Incursion


Ah, Sunday. The most boring day of the week. Fortunately for me there are plenty of files for me to test, review, and post. And fortunately for you this map rocks. This is version 1.1 of Geonosis:
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Incursion. Now I have to admit that I never played the original version, which may or may not be a good thing. I can't really decide. I enjoy maps in which people put time and effort into it. It's clear that both were put into this most recent version of Incursion. I'll start off with some of the changes. The Mygeeto bridges have been retextured to fit the Geonosis setting. He did a really nice job because it blends in so well you don't even think about it. The Clone Troopers have all been switched to their Episode II armor and feature new units, like the Clone Commander. Geonosians are now playable when you choose the CIS. They're quite a threat in this map because of all the dust and high elevation, so be careful. Most importantly he's fixed several bugs involving sounds and textures. The map has a really good design with a nice little mini-map to accompany it. It feels somewhat like the shipped maps, which is a good thing. The vehicles are cohesive with the terrain so the author made a smart choice there. It can be pretty annoying when your vehicle gets stuck because the mapper didn't take vehicle compatability into consideration. Though it only takes a few shots to kill Jedi they're still pretty powerful when under player control. They seem to have self-healing which I guess is to help balance him out, but I went for a long period of time where I didn't die. His healing should probably be a bit more gradual rather then recovering a lot of health at once. The only thing in this map that bothered me was the terrain. It didn't match the Geonosis props because it's so light and almost colorless. In Color Mode you should convert the terrain color to a nice orange. Experiment with each one until you find the one that you think looks best. It should make everything look more like Geonosis. Like the author explains, you should increase the unit count in the Instant Action settings. For some reason increasing the unit count in the LUA isn't working for him. Would you mind posting your LUA Rikino? I might be able to help you out. So...This is a great map, especially if it's your first. I highly recommend downloading this one! PS: Sorry about the mistake I made earlier with the file...I accidentally hit the enter button so everyone please post comments here instead because the other one will be deleted sooner or later. Thanks!

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