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A Galaxy Divided


Changes in V3 Empire Fully Fuctional mini-DSII used by palpatine in space. New Heroe-Anakin Skywalker, replaced at Tech lvl 3 by vader Clone Troopers, replaced at Tech lvl 3 by
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stormtroopers Shutter Shield can be built on cetain planets Lancer-class Frigate Mandator Cruiser Eclipse SSD Vengeance SSD Sovriegn SSD Titan Heavy cruiser World Devestator TIE Droid Chiss clawcraft fixes vader glitch, he is now escorted by tie avengers. All new units are in skirmish, except the sovriegn and DSII. (sovriegn may be invluded later though) Royal guards buildible on coruscant and alderaan Empire units only in skirmish--most at merchant dock! Virago Fighter squadron Merchant Gunboat Dreadnought Imperial Gunship Arc-170 fighter squadron V-wing squadron munificent cruiser vulture droid Chissclawcraft. The Rebel Alliance M-104 M-90 M-40 Mediator Cruiser Bothan Assault frigate Bulwark Cruiser Home One resized Obi-wan uses eta-2 jedi interceptor in space battles. Obi-wan has stealth. New heroe--young obi-wan kenobi,replaced at tech lvl 3 by old kenobi. Rebel Skirmish units The Liberator Eta-2 squadron Arc-170 squadron V-wing squadron dreadnought The Confederacy of Indepedent Systems (CIS) Space Death Star Invisible Hand Slave 1 Technounion Destroyer Providence class cruiser lucrehulk mobile command ship. recuscant class cruiser Genosian pinneace munificent-class frigate Diamond-class frigate CIS corvette Vulture Droid Tri-droid Genosian nantex fighter Technounion fighter Space stations Hidden asteroid base Shipyard Lucrehulk core ship Ground units Shocktrooper Plex Shocktrooper Field Commander Shocktrooper Assasin Shocktrooper bodyguard(cant build them, they come with dooku) Count Dooku Jango Fett Vulture Droid Ground attack fighter CIS Skiff CIS Pod walker CIS swamp speeder Ground Structures Command Center Turbo lasers Reseach facility mining facility superhypervelocity gun New Features Empire The Eclipse Superlaser:A horrifying weapon, the superlaser aboard the eclipse is percise enough to remove a rebel base from a planet surface, without destroying the whole planet,It will replace your bombing run during the groundbattle, use it to erradicate the rebellion from the surface.(can only beused with the eclipse in orbit) Sovriegn SSD--destroys planets much like the DS World Devestators-These horrors of the empire can fight in space and land! in space any unit that gets near thier underside will be destroyed, they also have the ability to "Eat" any unit in a small range, that will recharge about every 30 seconds, on ground the will also destroy anything in thier foward arc, in both space and land battle they will pump out TIE droids. CIS Orbital Bombardment--move a capital ship in orbit of a planet to use orbital bombardment during the ground battle(this is the CIS "bombing run") Thats the main underlines of it, but theres more! More!

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