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DarthDaddy\'s Yavin IV Map Pack


Am I the only one checking the Inbox? Just wondering. = P Here\'s yet another map pack from DarthDaddy, featuring his two Yavin IV maps: Complex and Caldera Ruins. Both maps feature custom
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sides, adding Marines and Heroes as selectable units. It puts a nice twist on the gameplay and obviously makes things interesting. Yavin IV Complex and \'Ruins have \'even\' map designs, but I felt that there was a lot of empty space. You might find yourself doing more running than fighting, which can quickly become boring. There are several different ways to fix this such as moving CP\'s closer to together, adding more objects, adding more vehicles (especially speeders), or maybe even keep all the CP\'s in one area. Remember that you don\'t have to fill up the whole map in ZE. Find a reasonably sized area and work there, putting in lots of detail and precision. Complex seemed to have the most empty space. As DarthDaddy recommends, you should increase the unit count up to 32 for maximum results. Otherwise it can be quite dull. The area surrounding the centered twin temples really needs some more ruins, props, and buildings because there\'s a lot of empty space. Also it\'d probably be a good idea to add lots of more ground vehicles to make good use of the map size. This should improve things overall. \'Ruins is a big improvement over Complex. The center of the map has lots of CP\'s in a cluster of ruins, thus the title. So the heart of the map is definitely the place to be, because the outter parts of the map are filled guessed it: empty space. Fortunetely Darth has added a decent amount of vehicles to spicen it up, but I still suggest moving the the CP\'s a little closer to the center to focus the action. One thing I noticed right off the bat was that the trees were missing their leaves. This is definitely due to a missing .msh, .odf, or .tga file. Another thing that bothered me some was that the map seemed to only use 2 ground textures. For someone who enjoys a map\'s scenery, this can be rather boring to the eyes. Which brings me to my final word... Both maps seem to lack \"environmental detail\", meaning that there\'s a lack of foilage and water. In my opinion foilage and water are very important because they can dramatically improve the look of a map. They give off a natural feel and make players feel a bit more immersed in the world. Most importantly it makes everything look much more professional. So the three big points here are detail, size, and space. If you work on these three things you should see a lot of improvement in your mapping skills, therefore becoming a better mapper. -[GT]EraOfDesann

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