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Sean Connery


All you Connery fans rejoice - here's an Obi-Wan Kenobi reskin, and it actually resembles Sean Connery pretty strongly, despite every variation being skinned over robes. I'll start with the older
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version. The detail is all there in the face, and you can easily recognise him. All of the facial details are present and accurate, from the lines in the skin to the all-familiar facial expression. Eyes are a bit too dark, and the pupils are larger than they should be - an inaccuracy which would have been noticed by a direct photo compare. The hair looks quite flat, however, and not as "hair-like" as it should. The younger version, while definitely doing a good job of looking like a younger version of the older skin, is actually off from what Sean Connery looked like in his younger years. This face is of a considerably lesser quality than the other, and although the bad shape is mostly attributed to the model, the facial expression in itself is all wrong. The same problem with the hair is present, and the detail is much less noticable with his hair being black. There are several variations of both skins - robed, commander, and tux. The robed version, well, what can I really say? Obi-Wan's robes recolored black and grey. Does exactly what it says it does, but at least it's a classy recolor job. The belt has also been modified. Now, the commander's uniform is probably the one I like. It sets a whole new precendent for formal Jedi dress code, too. :) While it is basically the robed version darkened, and with different trousers in an attempt to make it look like an authentic suit, a lot of detail work has been done. This is most noticable in the shoulder-mounted rank badges. The arm stripes and medals actually look quite plain, and generic, which is a bit of a let-down, but I believe that without a doubt this is my favorite of the skins, mostly on the originality count. The tux version is the same as the commander uniform, except without the medals or details, and a shirt and tie tucked into the robes. Oh, and the battleworn Obi-Wan skin is included with the new face added. Now, there were a few problems across the whole pack. The texturing on the non-HS skins wasn't looking too realistic. It seems texturizer has been used, and while that's good for creating the textures, texturizer filters aren't very good at integration. Secondly, several parts were just ouright plain. The stripes on the commander's arms should have been set slightly transparent, so as to show the texturing underneath. The face, most notably on the younger version, has an oddly smooth texture. Human faces don't necessarily look that smooth. Also, there's no "shaken, not stirred" taunt, which is a real downer. In the end, it's all rather circumstantial, as it's still a very good pack. Certainly not perfect, but very good nevertheless. And hey - it's Sean Connery, ain't that [i]more than good enough[/i]? :) ~ Kouen [b]Bot Support:[/b] No [b]NPC Support:[/b] No [b]Team Support:[/b] No [b]Custom Sounds:[/b] Yes (Note: Added a pic of Sean Connery both in his older and younger days, as comparison shots.)

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