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Aliens vs Predator 2

Trooper Style Skirmish


Trooper Style Skirmish - Version 1.1 ------------------------------------ This map originally was part of the Imp Co-Op mod by Imp Hunter. I have had a few requests to have it released with AI
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Marines to aid the Player in Single Player Skirmish, so here it is. If you haven\'t tried out the Imp Co-Op Mod, then give it a shot. The latest version \'2.something\' is now available to download:;63941 Gameplay: --------- This is a Marine only Single Player only version of the Trooper Style map that appears in the Imp Co-Op mod. To Play this map in Multiplayer, go and download the mod. Many small changes have been made to this map to cater for Single Player Skirmish including the addition of 3 Marine helper bots to assist defend the stockade. To have them follow the Player, select them the way you would use a door and they will follow you. Selecting them a second time will order them to stop and stand their ground. They may not be perfect, but certainly are better than nothing. To start the Alien AI swarm, access the compound\'s upper wall walkway and open both of the Ammo boxes found there. The AI will only trigger once both boxes have been selected. The boxes can then be selected as usual but have no effect on the AI. Once the Aliens start their attack, the stockade doors will not re-open. You can fight either inside or outside the stockade once the AI has been triggered if you want to jump over the wall. Place your troops where you think is appropriate. General Information: -------------------- Game : Aliens vs. Predator 2 Title : Trooper Style Skirmish Version : 1.0 Included Files : SKM_TrooperStyle_v1-1.txt - This readme file. skm_trooperstyle.rez - Game data. Release Date : July, 2006. Type : Single Player only. Author : Phil \'Windebieste\' Wlodarczyk Email Address : Other AvP2 maps by Author : DM_Ruinous. First Multiplayer map. Gladiator. Single Player Predator Skirmish map. SK_Ruinous. Modified version of DM_Ruinous for Single Player Marine Skirmish. SK_A_Loners_Fate. Modified Monolith\'s \'A Lesser Fate\' for Single Player Marine Skirmish. Stranded_Redux. Original AvP Stranded map remade to accommodate AvP2 Single and Multiplayer modes. SK_Precipice. Single Player Marine Skirmish map. Tar Baby. Multi and Single Player Skirmish map. Backstreets. Multi and Single Player Skirmish map. Xenocortex. Multiplayer map. (Under the pseudonym: Sum_Dum_Phuc.) Shafts. Multiplayer map. (Under the pseudonym: Sum_Dum_Phuc.) WiSPa. Map pack featuring 11 Single Player Marine Skirmish maps. Subway_Redux. Subway from original AvP remade to accommodate AvP2 Single and Multiplayer modes. Morlock, Based on HG Wells\' The Time machine. Multi and Single Player Skirmish map. ScrotumHenge. Multi and Single Player Skirmish map. NekroSanktum. Multi and Single Player Skirmish map. Dropship Down. Multi, Single Player Skirmish and Co-Op map. Circle of Death - Char Grilled Edition. Enhanced version of Tutonic Monkey\'s Circle of Death map. Of Gods & Monsters. Multiplayer Promotional map for the Open Pyramid Project. Hell\'s Gate. Multiplayer Objective based TDM map Revenge of the Malevolent Monkey. Experimental Single Player map. Forge of Honour - Predator vs. Predator Multiplayer map. Also available as Predator Skirmish. Temple of the Worm - Single Player Predator map. Wow. 20+ maps! This list is getting long. ;) Construction ------------ Editor Used : DEdit. Base : The original map was built by Imp Hunter and Windebieste for release in the Imp Co-Op Mod. Skybox by Tutonic Monkey. AI Marine escort by Herr_Alien. Construction Time : about 4 weeks. Processing Time : 2 minutes. Balance set to 950. Known Bugs : The escort AI Marines aint perfect. Sometimes they fall off of the catwalks and do other dumb stuff. You\'ll have to live with it. New Sounds : No. New Textures : Yes. New loading screen and funky grave marker textures. Guess whoe died in the crash..?

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