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Blue Lobster Maps


Thank you for downloading this map pack. All this does is add more planets to the GC games. * need patch 1.04* This is my map pack for public download. If you love GC this pack is for
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you......... You can tack on about 2-8 more hour to either conquering the galaxy of restoring freedom to it. Total planets available in the Star Wars Universe=68 planets *if anyone knows how to model of skin i have a propsition for you!!! ******************************************************************************************************************************************** ***Version1.2** fixed all of the maps, address issues with all maps and added some new planets removed planets from galactic conflict and added senario Galaxy at war (in case people wanted their original GC back) which is just galsctic conflict with more planets. added a few more planets Fixed bug with rebels Most planets are no longer neutral but have starting forces. the senario to have the planets isGalaxy at war. If you want the planets in the other senarios you have to add them yourself. ###Mods### this map pack is compatable with most of the mods out there i have tested with custom versions of Bailmod and AGD v2.1 and it works. *If you plan to download a galaxy divided V3 or any other mod you and you still want the expanded GC map you are going to have to modify the planets XML, and single player camp XML to make it compatible and the Master text file to make it compatable Issues- Some of the things in the planest show up as missing like the tact advantages, but its not important. some slowdown at the GC map because of more planets **i included taanab maps but i did not activate them if you want to you can but there is a bug with the xml coding. *If you want to tell me if you like Utapau, Garos 4, fav planets (i tried my best with the editor :)) Installation is the same as before just overwrite the old stuff or copy and paste things if you do not want a custom mod overwritten. The Master text is still the same as bailmod, USE the DATEditor if you don\'tt want the text changed from your current settings. ************************************************************************************************************************************************** This map pack just adds 18 planets to the galactic conquest. In galactic Conflict is where you would find all the planets, there are also a few in the other senarios. Each planet has a custom Land & Space map made by me. most of the maps will be neutral .The space maps are large enough to accomodate the SSD from LOW or from the bailmod. Land maps are similar. Galactic conflict, Empire at war are the two senarios with the most planets. **Kamino_Space was not made by me but by the devs*

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