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A reskin of a Reborn! I never would\'ve seen that coming! Anyway, it\'s another reskin of the good ol\' Reborn. This time, he isn\'t crappily reskinned! Yay for good reskins! I think the
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difference between most Reborns and this one is - is that it isn\'t crap. This one actually looks [i]nice[/i] and had some [i]effort[/i] put into it. Yeah, he\'s suppose to be a phantom guy, so his face is completly black. *OooOOoh, spookey!* And the default skin is a nice green color. There\'s a nice swirl of green the whole way around him and his hood is mainly white. Then as you go down to his chest and legs, it\'s more of a foresty, dark green. Which looks really good with his black gloves. The team skins are skinned differently from the default one. We\'ll start with the red team skin. It\'s mostly black.. his hood has some nice swirls of red in it, but the top is very lite red, it\'s kind of pink actually. Moving down to his chest area, it\'s mostly black with a tiny bit of deep red on it. Same with the arms and legs too. But his boots are a much brighter red, which evens the skin out. But most of the color is on the front.. and you see the back most and it\'s kind of boring because it\'s mostly black. The blue team skin is simular to the red one. Although it\'s not dark blue, like the other blue team skins are, this one is kind of cyan. This one is almost completly black on the front and back though, but the hood is still lite, and the boots are still bright. His arm bands are colored a darker cyan and that loin cloth kinda thing he wears has been colored too. But his boots are pretty fancy, I like \'em. They\'re like.. robot boots. Pretty cool lookin\'. ;) Well, there\'s not really anything wrong with these skins.. except I think they\'d look better if they had a bit more color. Also, it\'s a Reborn. We have a 1,000,000+ Reborn reskins.. I suggest using a different skin to reskin, or make a cool model. But this is a good Reborn, so if you want another one, here ya go. Bot Support: No. NPC Support: No. Team Support: Positive. New Sounds: Affirmative. -Linky. Plus I know you\'re a new skinner. And you\'ve got some really good talent, I\'d like to see some cooler and more original skins from you, Nightcrawler. :)

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