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KCK Clan Skins


Well this is the KCK clan skinpack. Well it must be a small clan.. there's only 3 skins in here.. Uh, anyway. The first skin is the blue team Tuskan. There's some head phones model'd on.. and uh..
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that's about it. I'm just glad they're not painted on the skin. Also his hands are red.. and his boots are a brighter brown. The next skin is.. interesting.. to say the least. ..Hm, well. It's a wookie and it looks like he stayed on Hoth a little [i]too[/i] long. The screenshot of him down below is in Modview, and it's not how he really looks in game. In game he looks boring. He lost his shine since he was transferred to the game I guess. There's a lot that doesn't look right here.. when he stands a certain way, he looks like he has frozen fish fins coming out of his arms and legs, and that's due to the fact that his hair that stands off of him has been painted over with a flat, ice-blue color.. it just doesn't look good. His bag strap is almost half covered on his back too.. The next is a reskin of the prisoner skin. This one looks pretty good. There's not much to say is bad here. With that said, let's start with the good.. Alright so, he looks very different from the default prisoner. He's been given straps and things all around his legs and arms, which makes him looks a lot better. He even added a new and cool shirt texture thing. There's an octopus and "KcK" on the back of his shirt.. Now, the only bad things I found about this skin is that some of his arm is a flat and untextured red color. :| The other thing is that I think he tried to give the prisoner some sideburns and a gotee thingy.. but they disappear sometimes. o_o The wookie skin definatly needs some work, the other ones are pretty good though. Pretty good for a first time skinner, so improve you technique a bit and come back to make more skins. ;) So if you're in the KCK clan or you like these skins, go and give them a download. NPC Support: No Bot Support: No Team Support: No New Sounds: No -Linky. Oh and, make sure the screenshots are .jpeg's because that's the only kind we can upload. I'll let it slide for your first time.. but next time we might now be so nice. o-o

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