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Battlefield 1942

Woodland Skirmish


In late 1944, during an American bombing raid over Germany, a B-17 was heavily damaged and crash-landed in a heavily forested area. The remaining crew survived the landing and were able to steal a
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German radio from a farm they crashed next to, and using that radio called for help. A team of Allied paratroopers were dropped into the area to find the American bomber crew. Naturally, all this activity made the German units nearby curious, so they moved in on the crash site. The map is five control points, four creating a diamond shape around the perimeter of the map with one in the center. To trigger ticket bleed, you must either: a) Capture and hold both starting bases (\'Mill\' and \'Barn\') b) Capture and hold one starting base and at least two other control points (either \'Mill\' or \'Barn\', plus two of \'Ruins\', \'Farm\', or \'Armoury\') And here\'s a bonus: you can also play this in Road to Rome and Secret Weapons. The only changes are the vehicles and the teams that participate in the battle, however, it\'s still a fun change (the Grant\'s top gun is great against infantry because it\'s powerful and doesn\'t overheat). There are also a few jetpacks in the SW versions, and in RTR the German Assault pickup kits will have an Italian Breda LMG as a change to the SG44. See the installation instructions for more information. Forgotten Hope 0.7 support is also on its way. Also, when playing in the Vanilla version, on the spawn screen the Sniper kit has been replaced by an alternate assault kit with a SMG (Thompson or MP40) replacing the standard weapon. However, Scout kits can still be picked up from around the map. And one last thing. The M8 Greyhound. It was in the Secret Weapons map Raid on Agheila as a special vehicle. It was fast, lightly armoured, and had a fast-firing, low powered cannon. I needed a nice light tank for the SW version and the Greyhound fit the role perfectly. The model and most of the coding is by DICE, but I did do a slight reskin to change the desert tan colour to a more appropriate greenish colour, and had to recode the AI for it a lot as they were treating it like a jeep.

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