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Mercenary Kyle


You know what? My very first skin looked a lot like this. Except I recolored something on it somewhere. This doesn\'t even get to that step. I\'ve seen almost the exact same thing, except the author
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before transposed the Rodian clothing textures onto the Jedi model. This one has the Rodian clothing textures transposed onto Kyle, seemingly unmodified. Not too exciting, huh? I personally don\'t see how ripping the outfit off of the Rodian and dressing Kyle up in it makes him a mercenary, but... meh, whatever. I even have complaints with the backstory on this mod. First, the Exchange doesn\'t exist in Kyle\'s time. Black Sun was one of the last organized crime rings, and they ceased to exist long before the events of Jedi Academy. While that\'s relatvely minor, so is the creativity of this skin. As I\'ve mentioned it\'s been done several times before, and to be honest I think I liked it better on the Jedi model. This author left Kyle\'s collar one, a choice I can not begin to father the reasoning for. The collar just looks dumb over the white jumpsuit, and the dark belt really clashes. Quite possibly the worst part about this mod is the shaders. Neither of them fit. In fact I could go so far as to say they [i]ruin[/i] the skin, which may sound harsh, but it\'s not far from the truth. I think you\'ll all agree with me when I say the default Rodian clothing is supposed to be cloth. Why then would you give it a [i]shiny[/i] shader? It looks so incredibly out of place that it\'s almost mind-boggling why someone would choose to include it for any reason except that \"I could\". Kyle is also given a specular shader on his face. Someone must\'ve missed the point of a specularity shader. It\'s made primarily for things like metals and plastics. I accidentally added a specular shader to a face once, and it does indeed make the face look like [i]plastic[/i]. Not a good idea, trust me. Overall I\'d have to label this as an average skin, easy to make, very little creativity, and a couple of bad shader choices. Without those shaders it\'d be decent, but with them it really just looks incredibly silly. Bot Support: Yes Team Support: Yes New Sounds: Yes NPC Support: Yes ~Inyri

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