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Special Power Mini Mod


This mod is the first release of my special powers mini-mod I plan to change various special powers that in in my opinion is more fitting or an improvement on the stock BFME2. Also this mod has
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extra graphic effects so it improves gameplay with stunning graphics shown on the screenshots. The rangers look totally buffed up which they should be and the longshot looks very good. Current Changes: 1) Mirkwood Elves - Equipped with Arrow Volley. - Arrow Volley has Silverthorn Arrow effect when the upgrade has been purchased. 2) Gondor Rangers - Arrow Volley now sets things on fire and has fire hit effect when the rangers are upgraded with fire arrows. 3) Dunedain (spell and inn) - Added Weapon Toggle - Added High Lineage Passive Ability - 50% Armor increase 80% resistance fear for Dunedain and surrounding Allies - Removed Long shot and fire arrow upgrade (For balance) - Increased weapon damage (For balance) Planned Changes: 1) Shelob - Shelob web - Cover an area in web to turn everything in it into webbed things - Eat - Shelob can eat webbed things to recover heath 2) Arwen - Mount Eagle - Pretty Self Explanitory just trying to find the right skeleton to base it off Future Changes: I want to add a mount eagle for the elf archer CaH but am not sure how yet thats what I have planned after Arwens mount as that should make it a bit easier. Known Bugs: None Installation Instructions: 1) Place SpecialPowerMM.big into: X:\\Documents and Settings\\\\Application Data\\ My Battle for Middle-earth(tm) II Files where X is the drive BFME2 is installed on and is your windows user name 2) Right click on your desktop and click create shortcut the location is: X:\\Program Files\\Electronic Arts\\ The Battle for Middle-earth (tm) II\\lotrbfme2.exe where X is the drive BFME2 is installed on Press ok and then input a name for your shortcut e.g. BFME 2 Special Powers Mini-Mod Press ok again and you should have an new icon on your desktop. 3) Right click the new shortcut In the target box right after lotrbfme2.exe\" add: [ -mod SpecialPowerMM.big] without the square brackets this must come after the \" marks 4) You can move this shortcut to where ever you want it. 5) Double Click it to play the mod. Credits: Coding - Me Models and Skins - EA Special thanks to Solinx and the other people at forums who helped greatly when I was stuck. If you wish to contact me about this mod or any other information about my mods here is my email address:

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