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Species War


They just don\'t make them like this anymore. obsevre, ye olde hex mod. The concusion to an older one whichwould change the sides on maps to that of the indigenous life that can be found scattred
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amongst the assets. But what\'s this...No Acklays?! For shame. Since it\'s been a while and nobody reads the reads the readme, I feel obligated to remind you how to install a hex mod. In your SWBF2 directory find the gamedata folder. Then in DATA > _LVL_PC take the mission.lvl there and back it up somewhere else. Then take the mission.lvl packed in this shiny compressed package you just downloaded and place there. The list of alterations is a bit extensive, so I\'ll copy it from the readme(WHICH YOU NEVER READ!) Mos Eisley Assualt Heroes Side- Tusken Hunter, Wookie Mechanic, Wookie Rocketeer, Wookie Basic Villians Side- Ewok Basic, Ewok Trooper, Ewok Repair, Jawa, Gungan Soldier, Gungan Defender Mos Eisley GCW Conquest/CTF -Naboo vs Empire -Naboo Team: Soldier and Naboo Queen (hero) -Up to 25 Imperial Officers can be playable Felucia GCW Conquest -Changed map to Jabba\'s Palace -Tusken and Jawa vs Gammorean Guards Felucia GCW CTF- -Wookiees vs Gammorean Guards Kashyyyk GCW CTF/Conquest -Rebels vs Wookies -Rebels have Snipers, Bothans, and Wookiee -Up to 25 Snow Wookiees can be playable -Ewoks are here too -Chewie is Rebel hero Naboo CW CTF/Conquest -Gungans vs Naboo Soldiers Death Star GCW CTF/Conquest -Wookiees vs Empire -Up to 25 Imperial Officers can be playable Endor GCW CTF/Conquest -Empire vs Ewoks -Empire Team: Imperial Pilot, Stormtrooper, Scout Trooper, Shock Trooper, and Dark Trooper -Ewok Team: Basic, Trooper, Repair Hoth GCW CTF -Wookiees vs Wampas Dagobah CW CTF/Conquest -Gungans vs Naboo Soldiers Dagobah GCW CTF/Conquest -Naboo vs Gamorreans -Heroes: Wampa and Naboo Queen Utapau CW CTF -Magnaguards vs Wookiees Utapau CW Conquest -Empire vs Wookiees -Up to 25 Dark Troopers can be playable Tantive GCW CTF/Conquest -Rebels vs Naboo -Heroes: Leia and Naboo Queen -Some rebels have snow skins -Up to 25 Snow Wookiee Warriors can be playable Mygeeto CW CTF/Conquest -Wampas vs Naboo -Naboo Queen is hero Mustafar GCW CTF/Conquest -Jawas and Tuskens vs Gungans -Heroes: Jedi Knights The author also mentions sound conflicts and a crash that occurs should you attempt to play Hoth or Coruscant on conquest. Also something about objects bein displayed onscreen...I\'m guessing they means the bug where HUD objects are shifted around. -K.

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