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Small Valley


Well, this certainly is a simple map. It's a small valley. So...Yeah...Basically that's it. You're in a small valley. At first glance it looks like it's just a plain valley. But wait! There's
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water in it! Very clear water, I might add, with four miniature statues in a circle around a force boon. This seems rather random, as the water isn't that deep in the area, and the statues are small. Couldn't we have something more like a secret underwater temple containing the force boon 'holocron'? Okay, there was also a water wheel, and to what practical purpose it served, I don't know. You generally have a water wheel attached to something like a mill, but it's not here. And other than the fact that the water wheel looks out of place, the effects on it are inaccurate. The water flows under it, not over it. How is the wheel wrong? It's got massive watery (actually they look like steam) effects pointing downwards from the top. And then they also point from both sides. The water wheel effect would be better served using dripping water effects instead of steam effects, as steam effects don't look realistic. And then there's the skinning on the water wheel. Last time I checked, they were mostly made out of wood, and not some wierd bright brown brick-like texture that repeats. Sure, it might not be a 'normal' water wheel, but you could at least have made it look like it was made for the wheel instead of being cut from plywood. I"m sorry, but the water wheel could use a lot more work. And then there's the night version. Basically, it's the exact same map, with only differences in lighting. It looks just fine except for those blasted water effects on the waterwheel. They stay white. They don't reflect the fact that it's night or day, they just stay white. Just a few small side notes. I found a seemingly random academy shuttle way up high. Just a small, random thing. The rest of the map wasn't all that bad, although I did find the fact that it was kind of hard to get out of the water annoying. But that has to do with angles. Like all maps, this could use improvement, especially in the effects department. New textures: No Bot Support:Yes New Models: No New Music: Yes Gametypes: Duel, Power Duel ~Zach

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