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Aliens vs Predator 2

Redclaw\'s Map Pack #1


General Information: ------------------- Map Pack Notes : A new map pack featuring 12 AVP2 maps from the mapper \"Redclaw\". Six new fun filled maps, Three updated maps, and Three
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original maps. It promises to bring hours of new fun to your PC screen. Dante\'s Inferno has been re-mastered and lag significantly reduced. Plus a few new things have been added. Come see the new frozen version of Dante\'s Inferno - \"Malus Mortis\". \"Hell hath frozen over!\" All new adventures and ways to die in this new map. The \"WaterWorks\" map is a cool flooded remake of \"Leadworks\". New secret rooms and underwater pipes make this map a lot of fun. The \"Devil\'s Reach Station\" is a deep space re-supply center that after it was abandoned was taken over by smugglers. It is sometimes crawling with critters in the dark. This map is a remake of the pred mission single player map but has a bunch of new cool enhancements. Be sure to checkout the new ducts and prison complex part of the map. The \"Pilot Fortress\" complex was built to specification for WarWhore\'s upcoming \"Pilot Project\" mod. It is two maps (Day and Nite) that are an abandoned Fortress in the Praxis system that was overrun by Predators. Your mission is the re-take the fortress and keep is secure. The two maps feature a large indoor/outdoor layout with swampy sewers and hidden rooms. Make sure to find the hacking device because you will need it in this map. Snipers will enjoy some amazing long distance shots at dizzying heights. Be sure to stop by the Fortress bar to relax after a good day of killing. \"Genesis\" was the first map I ever I know that it \"Blows\" but for sentimental reasons I included it in this map pack. Be sure to checkout the very first room I ever created in DEDIT which is in this map. More information about the individual maps is at the bottom of this document. Game : Aliens vs. Predator 2 Title : Redclaw Map Pack #1 Map Pack Version : 1.1 Included Files : rcmp1.rez, rcmp1.txt, and 12 JPG pic files (MP1 - MP12) Maps Included, New : RC_DANTES_Malus_Mortis_V1_4 RC_DEVILS_REACH_STATION_V1_4F RC_Pilot_Fortress_Day_V1_1 RC_Pilot_Fortress_nite_V1_1 RC_WATERWORKS_V1.8F RC_GENESIS_V1_1 Maps Included, Updated : RC_ADARKKERFATE_V1_4F, (a few bug fixes, better frame rates, and full optimization) - replaces DM_ADDARKERFATE_V1.1 RC_DANTES_INFERNO_UpperHell_V2_2 (lag reduced, Better frame rates, Plus enhancements) - replaces RC_DANTES_INFERNO_UpperHell_V1 [TALON]_DM_MINE_RC_V1_6F (lag reduced, plus a few bug fixes, better frame rates, full optimization) - replaces [TALON]_DM_MINE_RC_V1_5 Maps Included, Unchanged: TRINITY_OF_SECRETS_RC_V_1_5 RC_FORGE_OF_ADVERSITY_DAY RC_FORGE_OF_ADVERSITY_NITE Release Date : June, 2006 Type : Multiplayer: DM & TDM MAP Author : Brad \'Redclaw\' Tempchin Email Address : or Website #1 : Construction ------------ Editor Used : DEdit. Talon Version Base : Contribution Build and Base Build Construction Time : Over the last year and a half. Processing Time : Approx. from 2 minutes to 3 days. Balance set to 925 for most maps. Known Bugs : Please report any undocumented bugs. New Sounds : YES. New Textures : Yes.

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