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Imperial Fort


Well, one thing\'s apparent, and it\'s that this is the author\'s first map. Why is this so apparent? It\'s because this map is full of wide, unfilled areas. So let\'s look at the map. Okay, since
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it would be rather tedious to go through each separate part of the map, so I\'ll give a very brief synopsis of the two main sections, the inside and outside sections. The inside, in general, consists of very square, and big rooms. Big rooms in themselves aren\'t bad, but when they\'re just a big room, filled with nothing, then they aren\'t good. I found several instances of z-fighting in this map, and most of them were around doors. There were two places where there were rancors, but that\'s just a side note. Another side note is that there was a room with a bunch of TIE fighters in them. Not a big thing, except for the fact that you couldn\'t fly them! :( The main thing that needs to be improved on the inside is that there should be more substance to a room. Please, do not make a big room, and then not fill it up. The outside was also very square, with no transition whatsoever to the \'void\', as I like to call the space outside the map. While the author has tried to make a waterfall, the water doesn\'t\' really move at a fast enough rate to even look like it\'s moving. Once again, textures have been repeated, a lot. One area had a bunch of X-wings, and a couple of turrets. And guess what? You can\'t use the turrets, or the X-wings. So that\'s a bummer. Again, the biggest thing for the outside is to make places seem filled. It\'s not good if you have a big, square area with barely anything in it. The textures in this map have been used way too much, as it\'s blatantly obvious on that they repeat. That, as well as the empty space thing, are the things that could use the most work. Bot Support: No New Texture: No New Music: No New Models: No Gametypes: FFA ~Zach

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