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Tenyan Jedi Academy


[i]Quite a simple map, we have. A bland and unexciting map, yes. Saddest, it are.[/i] We don't get a whole lot of JK2 maps, much less any with the Academy theme, which this one aims for. But, it
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misses. In concept, the map's supposed to be a Jedi Academy situated on the third moon of Yavin, but to me, it's just a bunch of hollow boxes. You'll likely start in the garden. To get inside, you have to attack the block which is up against the wall with your saber (indeed...). You won't find much inside either. You'll start in an empty room, with a small staircase leading to a block which does nothing. Across from this set of steps, you'll find a hangar full of TIEs and X-Wings. They do nothing. They're packed impossibly close. And there's no way the could have gotten in or out of that room. You'll also find a small passage leading to a big empty room, and a lift shaft leading to two more empty rooms filled with floating blocks. I couldn't really discern any purpose to this room at all. There's a supposedly hidden door next to the hangar door, but because of the walls z-fighting, it's as clear as day. Just smack it with your saber to go through. This leads to two more duel areas. Another area has several chairs and a switch in it looking out over the skybox, but I didn't care to find the actual entrance, nor did I think to take a screenshot. Errors are rife in this map. Buttons are placed high above the players head. Lighting is mostly uniform, and where it isn't, the shadows look truly out of place. TArchitecturally, this map goes beyond basic - it's like the whole thing was constructed on the principle of rectangles. The outsides of the map haven't been caulked, and that's something which should always be done. Z-fighting is all over the place. Overall, the map's design is flawed - doors needing to be attacked to open, other doors opening excruciatingly slowly, some rooms having no purpose, ineffecient use of space, plain texturing, etc etc. The only real good side to this map, is the FPS you'll get while playing it. My advice to the author, is to practice more and more before releasing anything else. Look at other well-made maps and compare them to your own to figure out where those go right and yours go wrong. And above all, talk to people, get feedback and criticism, then rework your stuff! You can even use the forums for this. If anyone wants to download this map, feel free. I think personally I'll be sticking with the baseJK2 maps. ~ Kouen [b]Bot Support:[/b] Buggy, but present [b]New Textures:[/b] No [b]New Models:[/b] No [b]Custom Music:[/b] No [b]Gametypes:[/b] Free For All Team Free For All Duel Jedi Master

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