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New Canaan Crew


From what I remember of my old friend telling me, crew is some kind of boating activity. But anyway.. This is a reskin of Kyle Katarn, he is dressed in shortie shorts and a white teeshirt. It's
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been said in other reviews too, like the Tifa reskin of Jan.. skinning flesh over sleeves or pantlegs does not look good! His wrists are two times wider than his hands and his knees just look.. disturbing to say the least. His shirt cuts off abruptly at the arms and his neck area looks strange. The front of his shirt has a red ram on it, the crew team's logo. Kyle's shoulder pad hasn't been recolored and only has the letters "NC" on it in red. On the back it says "I can't, I've got crew" with a black image of crew. His pants cut off aburptly too, and they're not evenly cut either which it looks like the author tried to do here. Like I said before, his knees fold in and look plain strange due to the fact that the author skinned flesh over clothing. Way down on kyle's feet are small little shoes which kyle's ankles smash up over. The flesh doesn't quite match Kyle's and it just looks really strange in game. It's more of one of those weird Crayola colors that you find in a pack of like 1000 crayons than a flesh color. I don't really think Kyle was the ideal choice to do a reskin of this kind.. Well if you're part of the New Canaan Crew or if you like this skin, give it a download. Also, Pompom, don't send a .psf image when you're submitting a file. I don't even know what opens that file type, let alone have something that does. Please send a jpg, they not only open for everyone, they're really small and don't take up a lot of room. I was told not to post a screenshot, but I'm feeling gracious so I'll submit a picture for you. Bot Support: No NPC Support: Nope Team Support: Positive (kyle red and blue) New Sounds: Affirmative (kyle taunts but when you roll, a kid on a mic says something) -Linky? o_o

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