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Well, here we have a rather nice map. Yes, it's still in the beta stages, but it looks real nice. Let's start looking at it, shall we? First off, it's in a city, and it actually looks like one!
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It's even got ads galore to reflect this! They're even pretty and animated. ;) While this is a city map, I found it to be lacking in terms of size. Yes, it's huge if you go up, but if you like the ground, it's not that big. Okay, I'm digressing. The bottom part of the map contains a few duel areas, a nice little pub, which has some nice fog effects in it. While the effects are nice, they did effect an area outside of the pub. Other than that the pub wasn't so bad. Then further on in the map was a strip club, nothing special. Then there were the hallways. They aren't bad in and of themselves, and they lead to several duel areas. One is a solid red area with a flaming 'SR' being the exit out. Seriously, that much red is not needed. Not for that, nor for the corridor that leads to it. There are three other duel areas that can be accessed from the hallways. One you get teleported to, and it's not that bad. It's rather quite simple and nice. And how do you get out, you ask? Simple, walk away, and get teleported out. Then there are the two other areas. Simple themes, one is red and one is blue. While they look nice, I was disappointed about how the texture for the floor was used. The author just took the texture from the carbon chamber on bespin, and used that. So you have the nice floor texture, and then solid black. The author could at least have recolored it so that it was red and blue, one version for each room. Now for above the ground. There's a lot of jumping space, and lots of places for snipers. ;) So..yeah. Lots of space for jumping and sniping. In my opinion, the best part of this map is the upper levels. You can just get lost up there. (Maybe not, but it's great for hide and seek.) But, there is a lot of space for dueling, and or just general fooling around. While this is a beta map, and there are bugs, one being the hallway doors. when they open, you can see them to the side. While I admit that I would never have noticed it unless the author had told me about it, it's still a bug and should be noted. The other big thing was lighting. In the corridors while there is some light, it doesn't really reflect onto the character, and in the alleyways, there are fires, and the the light from them doesn't really go anywhere. Oh, and the fire doesn't do damage. But as I said, it's a beta version. :) But it's a nice looking beta. Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Models: No New Music: Yes Gametypes: FFA ~Zach

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