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Rhiom\'s new JK2 map is set in an average-sized interstellar disco complete with a DJ pad, dance floor, funky lights and a bar area. These are the areas you might expect to find in a disco. There are
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also some \'extras,\' although I use that term loosely. Some are quite entertaining, but others are also a little uninspiring. The basic areas are actually quite believable, especially the bar (the mirror was a nice touch by the way) which was detailed and had some nice lighting. There weren’t sources for all the lights in here, but the lighting still looked like it was correct. The disco floor was also alright, the floor itself at least. I do think though that it’s very bare around the edges, and also perhaps more could have been done to make the architecture a bit more interesting - all the rooms in this map are fairly square, but there are hints of detail. I also especially liked the disco lights coming from the ceiling and the dynamic color changes of illumination - it worked very well on the floor. The wall textures need some work though, as I wouldn\'t have expected stony walls in a high-tech club. The other areas were less entertaining. You get there by teleport (which are labeled via various pictures placed above them) and included a long slide, access to the DJ pad (where you can open the dance floor and send dancers to their doom ;) ) and a very big flat fighting arena in the stars. The DJ pad is alright, it\'s a part of the normal map which you can get to by opening a secret door, but the slide and space duel areas are somewhat lacking, mainly because the patchwork used on the slide was totally misaligned and left gaps between the geometry, plus it looked generally ugly. The same applied to the fighting arena and the \'HOM\' room. That’s what I call a room in the map where I think the author purposely allowed the player to see the HOM effect through some walls in order to create a psychedelic effect. It didn\'t work. :( As I\'ve said, general lighting was alright, especially the changing colour effects, but there were lots of unsourced ones, and the geometry is rather basic for the most part. It also lacks bot support which is in my opinion, a disaster, ;) but It does redeem itself slightly with the music choice. Everyone will recognize it, and it\'s not a bad track for the map. New Sounds: Yes New Textures: Yes Bot Support: No ~Szico VII~

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