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Okay, well this is an...interesting skin. It's an Obi-Wan reskin, and, well, just keep reading. The only part on this that I think is cool is the belt buckle. And that's only because it's the Jedi
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Knight emblem on a red background. The rest just looks like a red overlay with a gray and black head. Okay, let's go over this one part at a time. Okay, the head. You know how in Knights of the Old Republic, when you went to the dark side, that you got little black cracks all over your face. Well, the author has tried to emulate that, but he used a huge brush. What do you get? Nope. Not cracks, but canyons. That, or the author drew all over the skin with a black marker. The face has been grayed out, although it's so gray it's an ashen color, making you think the guy's dead. And then there's the 'mask'. Why do I call it a 'mask'? Simple. It's because the author just blacked out the area around Obi-Wan's mouth. And moving away from the mouth, we come up to the hair. It looks as if the author just took the spray can in MSPaint, chose an obscure purple color, and then sprayed all over it. Sure, it's uniform, but the color leaked out to around the skin's temples. So either this character dyes his hair, or the author goofed. Okay, now the rest of this skin, looks like a regular Obi-Wan skin, with the exception that he's wearing a kind of armor underneath his robes. With that out of the way, the rest of this skin looks like the author did a blood red overlay over everything. I'm just going to say that the author was trying to make a sith character. Okay, with the idea that this skin is supposed to be a sith, I have a few ideas on improving it. First, less red. That's right. Sith prefer simple, plain cloths, not blood red ones. While you're on the right track with the face, narrow the 'cracks' on it, and make it a little less gray, and clean up the extra coloring from doing the hair. Team Support: No Bot Support: No Npc Support: No New Sounds: No (Uses the Desann soundset.) ~Zach

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