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Freakinweirdo's Jawa Species Pack


Well, here we have a skin pack of jawas. Yes, jawas. I'll start off by saying that it's a simple pack of recolors. But look at it this way, it's all accessible from the custom menu! Okay, so we
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have a pack of Jawas. Well basically it's a jawa species pack. This means that you can use it in single player. What does this pack contain? A bunch of jawas of differing colors. Nope, no pretty designs, no amazing shaders. Just...colors..Sure, you're able to change the color of the jawa's robes, his eye color, and even his hands, but there's no real variety. No pretty swirling patterns. All we get is a bunch of color overlays. But that's only with the exception of the last skin. The last skin looks peculiar, to say the least. It looks like a jawa that's taken a bath in plaster of paris and then had mud thrown on it. Okay, so it doesn't look like that. But it is an interesting mix of white and brown. It almost looks as if the author was just fiddling around with photoshop effects, and stumbled upon this. There was one thing I didn't quite figure out. And that was why didn't the author make the hands change color with the robes? Because otherwise you have to go into the lower settings and choose the right color for the hands. I mean, you don't want a white jawa with black hands, do you? What good is a jawa without his jawa sounds? That's right. This skin pack does not use jawa sounds. :( All that was needed was a sounds.cfg file pointing to the jawa soundset, but it wasn't included. So that made me sad. One way to improve on this would be to make is so the hands changed color along with the torso, and to make it so that you can use the RGB slide that is common in many servers, as they run JA+. And include the jawa sounds. Just a few thoughts. Bot Support: No Team Support: No Npc Support: No New Sounds: No ~Zach

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