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Keren Citadel


I vaguely remember the city of Keren from SWG. I didn\'t really hang out on Naboo so much. I kind of remember it being a smaller city, and that\'s frankly about [i]all[/i] I can remember. This map
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fits in pretty well with the Naboo style, however, and will probably seem similar in many ways to every other urban-themed Naboo map you\'ve ever seen. Graphically, anyway. The layout of this map is a bit different than any Naboo map [i]I\'ve[/i] seen. \"Cluttered\" comes to mind. The author kept the map small to keep the action high, but I found that there wasn\'t really a lot of room to move without bumping into various pieces of the architecture. And God save you if you fall in the water -- good luck getting out! The one thing I found really peculiar about this map was the lighting. It\'s the middle of the day, yet the city is covered in shadows. It\'s really quite strange how dark the map is compared to how bright the skybox is. The map also seems to be clipped everywhere. Most surfaces near the edges of the maps are not reachable, so you won\'t be able to perch yourself on any of the roofs near the edges. Whether this is good or bad is yet to be determined, and probably depends on your preference. I found the music to be a little... unsuitable. Naboo is a prequel planet, an Episode I planet to be specific, so despite my reservations on the prequels (that you all know about) I feel like it should really have some Episode 1 music in there. There\'s plenty from the Ep1 soundtrack to choose from, such as perhaps Panaka and the Queen\'s Protectors (which, after listening to it, made me realize how much SOE relied on the Ep1 soundtrack for SWG, back in the days when it was a decent game), and while I don\'t have the Episode II soundtrack I\'m sure there\'s some Naboo-themed music on that as well. For a map not designed for role-playing somehow a slow piece like the one currently playing just doesn\'t fit that well. Not that it\'s bad or anything, the music choice just could have been better. Some bot support next time also would be nice! New Textures: Yes New Models: No New Music: No Bot Support: No ~Inyri

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