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Far Cry

Australian Mappack


It appears the the boys (and girls, as the case may be) are not surfing, chasing down Dingos or collectively twiddling their thumbs; Several of the FarCry players there have gotten together and, for
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your gaming pleasure, come up with [b]The Australian Map Pack[/b]! This mappack consists of seven ASSAULT maps and five FFA maps: [u][b]Assault Maps[/b][/u] [b]Au_air assault[/b] by Vsync and Lynx. A small sunny tropical Island, dominated by an airstrip and river. Lots of sneaky access, and an usual airdrop attack on flag 1. Attacker run time to flags: 39 secs, 27 secs, 33 secs. [b]Au_breakout[/b] by Hunter. A gloomy island prison, the defenders need to keep the prisoners in. The first flag is indoors, the second at the prison gate. Attacker run time to flags: 28 secs, 31 secs, 45 secs. [b]Au_Carrier[/b] by Skitz the Devil. Converted from the single player level, it provides good game play with an unusual 3rd flag placed on the ship. Attacker run time to flags: 30 secs, 36 secs, 24 secs. [b]Au_Coastguard[/b] by [PB] Inflictor. A large map, where players can make good use of the many vehicles provided. The initial release of this map was popular, this version will be no different. Attacker run time to flags: 30 secs, 36 secs, 24 secs. [b]Au_Harbour[/b] by Hunter. A large island map, with plenty of vehicles. Heavily modified from the original release. Attacker run time to flags: 42 secs, 38 secs, 48 secs. [b]Au_treatment[/b] by SC_Closed Casket. Included by invitation, as one of the best looking and best game play maps we have ever seen. The tropical setting has incredible detail work. This slightly modified version I regard as the best map I have ever seen. [b]Au_urban_city[/b] by [PwR] Rogue Warrior. Taking it’s inspiration from mp_UrbanWar this map will provide a lot of intense play, with short runs to the flag, but it still includes many side routes if things get bogged down. An unusual interpretation of the Farcry setting. Attacker run time to flags: 11 secs, 20 secs, 11 secs. [b][u]FFA Maps[/u][/b] [b]Au_airbase[/b] by Cheeko Converted from mp_airstrip, flags 2 and 3 of this map have been extensively modified to provide an arena with weapons and vehicles for mayhem. [b]Au_Ghostwood[/b] by Sudden Death A small tropical island, with multiple levels and interior action. [b]Au_loader[/b] by Hunter A small island, dominated by a huge ship-loader. The many levels and interiors make this a surprising large map. [b]Au_miniwar[/b] by [OzG]Bahamut This tiny arena is for that who want an insane full-on adrenalin rush. Plenty of weapons, but no extra ammo….but who has time to reload, anyway? [b]Au_the_edge[/b] by [PB]Inflictor A Farcry interpretation of a map by ID software, this indoor arena is faithfully reproduced, providing the same exciting game play as the original.

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