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Aliens vs Predator 2

Imp Coop V2.something


============Imp Coop V2.something=========== ==========Created By: Imp Hunter============ (Turn word wrap freaks) Well this took ages to
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put together (not that it was hard or anything, i just got hooked on playing wow :D). First and foremost i would like to put out a massive thanks to Windebieste for donating maps and helping out also to the great Bunny-s for creating the level advancement mod and allowing the use of his server mod which is the main feature of this release. So whats new then? ***Level advancement fixed*** Now when a player hits an exit trigger everyone in the server will no longer be kicked into single player, this means we can now host 24/7 dedicated coop servers without the need of an admin ***HUD layout corrected (i think)*** Fixed the bug that was a side product of replacing the knife with the Hacking Device / torch it should work fine now, but a few people say its still there i'll look into it more but either way it doesnt really matter. ***Marine Single player maps added*** The single player maps from the marine sp have been added, pred and alien sp maps have not, this was because not only would the size be increased a lot but i felt that with the Human AI animations not working correctly it would juts be a waste of space to add them at this point, however once i have correct the animation bug then they will be added so you can enjoy them ;) ***Scraping of PS files*** In the previous version players had to setup the "Player Settings" rez as well as the main coop rez, this caused too much confusion, for the love of god i cant see why it did but im just making everything very simple in this version. While the PS files where scraped the AI have been permanently set to a certain difficulty (rough 150% that of sp, two players can cope with that, this is coop after all) max armor reduced to 150 however armor and pickups increased to 150 and health pickups to 200 (to cope with the increased player count) On the marine sp maps some bugs might happen because i only had access to the .dat format of the maps and could not edit them for true coop support (believe me i tried to contact lithtech for the .ed's but its like talking to a brick wall, they're just like "our new fear engine is great, buy it!" Fear suck btw) ******************************************************************************* ***The following explanation of sp marine maps Taken form the X-coop read me*** *** (no point in making my own, its all the same) *** ******************************************************************************* COLATERAL DAMAGE - The Marines (except the host) will get stuck behind the APC. The Host must select a marine to open doors with the Hacking Device and the Blowtorch and he cannot die. The rest of players must select predator to jump the APC. A LONG DETOUR - If the players are not together, the doors can separate the Team - LOOSE ENDS - Don’t kill marines, if you kill a marine, you’ll fail the mission. - The last elevator will kill all players except the Host. SAVIOR 1 - Players must stay alive all the game, if a marine dies he’ll not be able to continue playing. SAVIOR 2 - The map will disappear after the Queen dies UNWELCOME GUEST - If a player dies, the mission will be accomplished.

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