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The Old West


Well, we have a wild west map. ti's basically a very small town. It's not that much, but it's done nicely. It has most of what I think a small western town would need. a barn, a hotel, a jail, a
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bank, a cantina, church, armory (it's actually a weapons store, but I want to call it an armory) and a general store. Oh, let's not forget the gallows. Everyone loves the gallows. I'm not going to explain everything that this map has, but only some of it. First off, the gallows works. Yes, you can even stand on the platform and hang yourself. Well, you're not *hanging* yourself, you just trigger the trapdoor that plunges you into a kill effect. I dont know the *technical* term, but anyways. Working gallows. That's great. :) On to one of my favorite parts, the cantina. It's not my favorite because it's a cantina, because I don't drink. It's my favorite part because it's got a piano. And not just any piano! You step onto the chair and you're teleported onto a HUGE piano. and guess what? That's right, you step on the keys and a note plays! Fun for the family! Or, rather, fun for the reclusive star wars fan. Or, it could be torture for those who hate the piano. I personally think it's fun to be able to play a tune. But it's really hard doing it all by yourself. Host a server and get some friends and do some piano rocking! Now, for a quick synopsis of the secrets. One is in the bank, and I won't tell you how to get to it, because I'm mean. Anyways, you open up the safe, and go inside. You're teleported to a room. Go across it, and then you go a room from the Valley of the Jedi. You know, the room where Kyle talks to his dad, and goes into the force fountain? Yea, that place. I think it's a remake, but not entirely sure. anyways, it looks cool and could be great for ceremonies. One bad thing is that you have to kill yourself to get out. Meh. What it's doing in a Wild West map I have no clue. The second secret is in the barn. You get teleported to a white ''void''. I say void because absolutely NOTHING is there. So it's easy to get lost. But, you can find your way out. Just look for a little black dot. The music on this map, was...western, but annoying. Essentially, it was a tune similar a TV show that I don't remember what it's called. But if you've seen that show, you'll recognise the tune. Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes ~Zach

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